Past Papers for (11+) Year 7 Entrance Examinations

For guidance on what to expect in the entrance examinations, please click below.

Consortium Guidance

For past question papers please click on the links below.  Please note that all Consortium schools provide the same papers and that all schools make the most recent papers available on their websites from 1 September each year (eg the January 2015 papers will be published in September 2015).

English January 2008 (pdf)
English January 2009 (pdf)
English January 2010 (pdf)
English January 2011 (pdf)
English January 2012 (pdf)
English January 2013 (pdf)
English January 2014 (pdf)


Maths January 2008 (pdf)
Maths January 2009 (pdf)
Maths January 2010 (pdf)
Maths January 2011 (pdf)
Maths January 2012 (pdf)
Maths January 2013 (pdf)
Maths January 2014 (pdf)