What to Study

Most girls at NHEHS will study for 4 A levels to be taken at the end of Year 13.  You  will be able to able to combine the 4 A levels with an EPQ if you choose.  Those wishing to take Maths and Further Maths A Levels will be able to take 5 subjects.  

Our A Level courses are designed to be linear, with final assessment at the end of the two years. This provides five terms of uninterrupted teaching which encourages breadth as well as depth of learning.  

Classes are small and the range of subjects on offer large, including some you won’t have studied before such as: Art History, Computing, Government & Politics, Psychology and Philosophy & Ethics.  

Choice of Subjects

Choose subjects which interest you, and which you want to study. You’re likely to do better if you enjoy what you’re studying.

  • Do your research. At A Level you will study subjects in much more depth and there are some subjects you won’t have had the chance to study before.
  • Find out what each course involves eg course work, controlled assessment, practical examinations or fieldwork. 
  • Make sure you know which subjects would be advisable at A Level for any given university course (e.g chemistry and biology for Medicine; mathematics and physics for Engineering).
  • For some students, it is sensible to try to include one subject which is different from the other three, to maintain breadth and contrast. Universities are increasingly looking for science students who can communicate and arts students who can think logically and are reasonably numerate. These are also the mix of skills that employers want.
  • Remember there are lots of people you can ask for advice. Your form tutor, Heads of Department and subject teachers will always be happy to help.