30+ Netballers Represent NHEHS in U11 GDST Netball Tournament

On the 28th January, four U11 NHEHS netball teams travelled to Croydon High School to take part in an U11 GDST Netball Tournament.

The aim of this tournament was to give as many girls as possible the opportunity to represent the school. There were a total of six GDST schools taking part.

There were separate A,B,C and D sections and each team played five twelve minute matches after which each school’s points were added together to determine the winner in each section.

Weather conditions were bitterly cold with the girls struggling to feel their fingers at times.

Despite this, all the NHEHS teams played brilliantly with NHEHS B and D teams only losing one match and therefore coming second in their section. The NHEHS C team won all of their matches and were delighted to receive gold medals. The A’s had a mixture of wins draws and loses but still played extremely well against tough competition.

Once all the schools’ points were combined NHEHS were placed second overall just behind the hosts, Croydon. All the girls thoroughly enjoyed their matches and played some fantastic netball. It was well worth the rather long journey.

Kitty, Kara, Carys, Georgia, Esme, Gaia and Meher.
Elizabeth, Poppy B, Minna, Giuliana, Bryony , Chloe, Ishbel and Aditi.
Sara, Annabella, Sophie L, Ellie, Georgia, Sophie C and Maya.
Aliyah, Caitlin, Claudia, Sophie B, Kajal, Roxie, Poppy E, Stella and Juna.

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