Top Result!

Kashmea Wahi in Year 6 has become one of the youngest candidates to gain the absolutely fantastic top Mensa score of 162. 

162 is the highest possible mark which a child of her age can achieve in the supervised MENSA Cattell III B test (you have to be 10 and a half to sit the test and Kashmea is 11) and  this mark puts her in the top 1% of the population.*

Kashmea, who reports that she is “buzzing with excitement” at the result, still finds time to be part of the NHEHS netball team, loves tennis and is a keen chess player. She is also interested in computers and programming and about to try her hand at Java and Objective C.

Well done Kashmea on a remarkable achievement. Everyone here at NHEHS is thrilled by your success!

* Psychologists agree that differences in IQ beyond this level do exist, but they are difficult to measure in any meaningful way, so the ceiling is set at 162.

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