75+ Advisors & 7 Careers Planets at NHEHS Careers Fair

By Alice Jenkins, Year 10 Journalist Leader

Last Tuesday, Notting Hillers in Years 9-13 had the privilege of meeting professionals at a careers evening, where they were given career advice.

Jobs ranged from working at TikTok to being a prison officer, and it is fair to say that everybody found a career that interested them. Organised by Ms Parr and the Parents Guild, the fair was split up into ‘planets’, such as medical, number and construction planets. There were also several ‘7 careers in 7 minutes’ sessions. These aimed to give a speedy overview of several vastly different careers.

This was followed by an ‘entrepreneur panel,’ with women who had given up stable careers to set up and run their own businesses. It was amazing to hear how happy they were in their jobs — the control that they had to take their careers in any direction, and the dedication and perseverance they clearly had was very inspiring.

Overall, the night was very rewarding. Whether it was the older girls who had a great opportunity to network, or younger students who had less of an idea of what they wanted to do, it was clear that everyone got something out of the evening — thank you to Ms Parr and the Parent’s Guild for putting so much effort and time into providing us with such a wonderful opportunity!

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