A Passage to India

The long summer holidays offer the chance to recharge, travel to far flung places, grab new experiences. For our Assistant Head and Year 3 teacher at the junior school, the summer break offered an opportunity to do all three.

In an initiative organised by the Girls’ Day School Trust, several teachers from the GDST across the UK, traveled to India in August to work with and support the teachers in a school in Bangalore.

Together they spent three and a half weeks working with teachers and over 60 children in the Florida English School. Under the guidance of the Limited Resource Teacher Training team, which runs the initiative, they shared teaching methods and strategies relating to phonics and demonstrated concepts like having a positive mindset in the classroom.

“It was entertaining and also extremely rewarding sharing the phonics songs we teach in the UK. The first time we sang “A, A… Ants in your Pants” to the teachers and children we had slightly dumbfounded faces – they teach reading very differently. But by the end of our three weeks, they were enthusiastically singing along with us. As a teacher, this is very validating.

In a country with limited resources, the emphasis on using creative techniques is really important. In the UK, we revert to google to show pictures of a “zebra” for example. But in India, we had to rely on drawing images to demonstrate our ideas and this makes for a challenging but equally, more creative experience.

For sure, my time in India has made me more confident and creative in the classroom. My year 3 class will definitely be exposed to a myriad of stories this year”.


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