Development & Facilities

In the recent past Notting Hill and Ealing High School has received considerable investment from the GDST for the development of facilities.

The West Wing with its 25 metre indoor pool, music recital hall, recording studio, music practice rooms, new classroom space and three art studios was built in 2003. In 2006 new classrooms, a new design and art room and a science lab were added to the facilities in the Junior School.

The new Sixth Form Centre opened in 2010 and the following year we created a spacious, light and airy dining room which is used by all girls and staff.

In June 2013 we completed the final stage of re-development, an exciting £15 million project at the heart of the Senior School.
This has given us wonderful new facilities which are opening up new opportunities in sport, drama and public speaking. Our new buildings include:
• A multi-function hall for assemblies, whole-school gatherings, plays and events
• A four-court sports hall built to Sport England standards
• A spectacular dance studio
• A 100-seat theatre complete with state-of-the-art lighting and sound

As part of the development we have also added an all-weather surface which can be used by both Junior and Senior School girls.

The main entrance to the school and the library have also been redesigned to provide welcoming, comfortable places to socialise or study.

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Our superb new buildings are stylish and full of light and link beautifully with our existing buildings transforming the school. They have given us a series of practical, flexible and well-designed spaces that are benefitting each of the girls who spend so many hours here.

Finally, the garden, the green heart of NHEHS, has been re-established at the centre of the school offering a place to sit with friends, eat lunch on a sunny day or simply to relax