Our school policies are available here, in pdf format, together with some related information. They can also be viewed on request in the school office.

Whole School

NHEHS Admissions Policy

NHEHS Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

NHEHS Safeguarding Procedures

NHEHS Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy-COVID-19 Annex September 2020

NHEHS Anti Bullying Policy

NHEHS School Attendance Policy

GDST Exclusions Policy

NHEHS Complaints Policy

NHEHS Pupil Supervision Policy

NHEHS Educational Visits Policy

NHEHS Equal Opportunities Policy

NHEHS Organisation of Health & Safety

NHEHS Policy on online safety

NHEHS Policies – Online Safety Policy GHL Annex September 2020

GDST Coronavirus Risk Assessment

GDST Health & Safety Policy Statement

GDST Fire Safety Strategy

NHEHS Fire Risk Procedures, Arrangements and Evacuation Plan

NHEHS Appendices Fire and Evacuation

NHEHS Risk Assessment Policy

NHEHS Security Policy

NHEHS Statement on Preventing Radicalisation

NHEHS Policy on Promoting British Values

NHEHS First Aid Policy

NHEHS Administration of Medicines Policy

NHEHS Policy on Drug Abuse

Notting Hill & Ealing High School and The Girls’ Day School Trust are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.

As a GDST school, we adhere to the GDST Privacy Policy at the link below:

GDST Privacy Notice

Senior School

NHEHS Senior School Behaviour and Dress Code Policy

NHEHS Senior School EAL policy

NHEHS Senior School Pastoral Care Policy

NHEHS SEND & ALN Policy (Senior School)

NHEHS Senior School Sanctions and Discipline Policy

NHEHS Senior School Rewards Policy

NHEHS Senior School Curriculum Policy

NHEHS Senior School PSHCEE Policy

NHEHS Appeals against internal assessment decisions Senior School Policy

Junior School and Early Years Foundation Stage

NHEHS Junior School Behaviour Policy

NHEHS Junior School Curriculum Policy

NHEHS Junior School EAL policy

NHEHS Junior School Intimate Care Policy

NHEHS Junior School (including EYFS) SEND/ALN Policy

NHEHS Junior School Missing Child Policy

NHEHS Junior School Non Collection of Children Policy

NHEHS Junior School PSHCEE Policy