Joining the Senior School

Girls usually join the Senior School at 11+ (Year 7) although occasionally there are places available in other year groups.  Admission is selective and involves tests and interviews. 

Important news about the 11+ process for 2021 entry

Given the impact of Covid-19 this year, we are making some changes to our admissions process for 2021 entry, to minimise potential disruptions to our candidates.

Although we are part of the London 11+ Consortium, this year, like many other independent schools, we have decided to use the ISEB Common Pre-test.  This test allows us to be flexible about where and when candidates take their entrance test and we feel this is extremely important, in order to offset any further challenges caused by changing government guidance and give us the best chance of gaining information about candidates from a written test.

The ISEB Pre-test is a computer-based test with sections covering English, Maths, Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning, and it takes two and a half hours to complete, with a break given in the middle of the paper.  It is adaptive and responds to students’ abilities as they progress through the paper. It assesses the English and Mathematics content covered in the National Curriculum up to the end of Year 5, and does not require any specific preparation.

Useful information, including familiarisation materials, can be found in the Parents section of the ISEB website. Your daughter does not have to have looked at the familiarisation materials before doing the test, but it may help to make her feel more confident.

Candidates only need to sit the test once, so even if they are applying to a number of schools using the ISEB Common Pre-test, they will only be taking one test. Many students will be able to sit the ISEB Pre-test at their own junior schools, thus reducing the amount of travel to different schools needed, as well as minimising any mixing outside of school “bubbles” for candidates. 

Candidates will be able to sit the ISEB Pre-test in one of three ways:

Option 1 – Many preparatory and some state schools will be arranging a date for pupils to take the test in their own school. If the ISEB Pre-Test is offered at your daughter’s school, she should sit it there, by 12th December 2020.

Option 2 – We will be holding a test date on Friday 11th December 2020, so if your daughter is not able to take the test at her current school, she will be able to come and sit the test here at NHEHS

Option 3 – If she is applying to another secondary school that uses the ISEB Pre-test, she can take the test at that school. The test must be taken by 12th December 2020. Please ensure that you register your daughter with NHEHS as well, in order for us to access her marks.

Please note:

  • Girls will need to have taken the test by the earliest deadline date set by the schools to which they are applying, as not all secondary schools will have the same deadline date. (For example, if you are applying to three schools with deadlines of 5th December,  12th December and 8th January, you will need to ensure that your daughter sits the test by 5th December.  Her marks can then be obtained by the other two schools)       
  • If you are applying to other schools in the London 11+ Consortium, your daughter may still need to sit the Consortium test as well, depending on the schools to which she is applying. A list of the Consortium schools and the test each school is using this year can be found below. The Consortium test date for those schools retaining the Consortium exam will be 8th January 2021.   
London 11+ Consortium schools using the ISEB Common Pre-test London 11+ Consortium schools using the Consortium exam
Channing School Francis Holland School Sloane Square
Francis Holland School Regent’s Park More House
The Godolphin and Latymer School Queen’s Gate School 
Northwood College St Augustine’s Priory
Notting Hill & Ealing High School St James Senior Girls’ School
Queen’s College St Margaret’s School
St Helen’s School   
South Hampstead High School  

Our process this year will allow us to consider every candidate as fully as possible, taking into account the results of the written tests, feedback from the interview, and information from the girl’s current school. As in previous years, we will interview every girl who applies, making suitable arrangements given current restrictions. We will also be requesting a confidential reference from your daughter’s current school and this year, we will be asking junior schools to include details of the educational provision offered during lockdown in their reference.