Anti-Bullying Ambassador Training Day for Year 9s

Five girls from Year 9 took part in an Anti-Bullying Ambassador Training Day on February 27th at Queen’s College, in Marylebone.  Organised by the Diana Award, an ‘Anti Bullying Ambassador training day’ is an event held at a school or venue where up to 200 students and school staff from one area come together to be trained as Anti-Bullying Ambassadors. Students will network with other young people, exchange ideas and share good practice as well as explore and understand the topic of bullying, with a view to developing school’s anti-bullying work.

The morning kicked off with some ice-breakers, introductions and fun activities from the five facilitators, followed by staff and student sessions where we looked at understanding the issue of bullying; facts, the definition, different types and the effects of bullying.  The next session tackled different scenarios that Anti-Bullying Ambassadors might find themselves in, with practical ideas, top tips to handle different situations, the skills needed to support others. It also looked at online safety and approaches that students and staff can take to staying safe online by educating their fellow students. Following a networking session among students to share ideas, the facilitators helped students come up with an action plan to take back to school and how to set aims for their anti-bullying work. 

Anna, Shobitha, Diya, Eva and Asina have all chosen to work towards the wellbeing badge from the Diana Award now and will be planning some new events and activities in school shortly. The girls will be meeting with Miss Munro-Hall fortnightly to start putting their plan into action. We have already discussed a few ideas and they will be working towards implementing some during the Summer term and then their end goal of planning an exciting Anti-bullying Week which is in November this year. Watch this space! 

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