Our NHEHS athletics teams have had a good month so far. At the GDST Athletics Rally in Bath we were thrilled that our Year 7- 10 team finished in 6th place out 19 schools! This is a hotly contested competition and the competition is of a very high standard so we are delighted with the achievement which was a big improvement from our 12th position last year. Stand out performances included a 1st place in the 100m and the 800m and podium positions in high jump, discus, 300m and javelin.

In the Middlesex Athletics Championships on Saturday 9th June our athletes also competed strongly.  Particular 
congratulations go to Jasmine who ran 2 minutes 28 seconds and finished 3rd place in the 800m and Milly whose jump of 9 metres 23cm secured 4th place in the triple jump (an event which she only took up this summer).

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