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NHEHS girls triumph at GCSE!

Huge congratulations to NHEHS girls on an outstanding GCSE achievement.

With 47% of NHEHS’ GCSE entries graded 9 (the “double A*” grade) (compared with 5% nationally), NHEHS girls should feel very proud of their achievements today.

Eight girls were among only 837 nationally to have gained a 9 in all their qualifications and a quarter of girls scored all 9 – 8 grades (A* equivalent).

Despite national concerns about the difficulty of this year’s exams, the proportion of top grades at NHEHS is the second highest in the school’s history, almost matching last year’s record. The proportions of 9-7 (89%) and 9-5 grades (98%) are also strong, and consistent with previous years. 

There were excellent results in STEM subjects, with strong proportions of grades 9-7 in Biology (98%), Physics (96%), Chemistry (93%) and Maths (91%), with 77% of the girls taking a further Additional Maths receiving the top grade of A.English Language celebrates a 100% 9-7 grade achievement alongside 99% of English Literature grades scoring these top grades.

Headmaster Matthew Shoults said today ‘With 89.5% of all grades achieving a 9-7 (the equivalent of A*-A), the girls should feel rightly proud of themselves.  I am delighted that the girls have combined such excellent results while flourishing in their extra-curricular interests. We look forward to welcoming them into our sixth form next month’.

NHEHS girl Grace Murphy (pictured) said today : ‘I am happy and a bit surprised at my fantastic grades – I have worked really hard, especially since mocks earlier this year, and I’m glad it has paid off with all my grades 9-7 (A*-A). I’m looking forward to joining the sixth form and starting a brand new subject in September and I would like to say a big thank you to my teachers!’

Many congratulations on a strong set of A-Level results!

NHEHS girls, parents and staff were delighted with a strong set of A Level results today.

23% of all results were graded A* (compared with the national average of 8%), and 84% of results were graded A*-B.  One fifth of girls achieved two or more A* grades.

Despite concerns in the national press over the difficulty of the new Maths A level, over half of this year’s cohort chose to take Maths A level, with a 71% A*-A grades achieved. 67% of all Modern Foreign Languages grades were A*, a fantastic result, given that there is a national decline in students taking up languages in recent years.

Celebrating with her classmates today is Phyllis Keen whose two A*s and 1 A grades mean that she is heading to Imperial College to read Medicine.

‘I am so happy with my grades, which are down to my own hard work and the unfailing support and encouragement of my teachers at NHEHS. I’m also very proud of my classmates who leave NHEHS friends for life.’

Phyllis (pictured right, below) celebrates with eight classmates who also take up places at medical schools and seven who have accepted places at Oxford or Cambridge universities, amongst many other courses.

Headmaster Matthew Shoults said today ‘The girls’ results today show how much effort the girls, and the staff who support them, have put into their studies during their time at school and is just reward for their endeavours. The girls now head off to a wide range of courses and universities whether it be Medicine or Law at Oxford, History at Cambridge, Biomedical Engineering at UCL, Politics at Manchester, Economic History at Edinburgh, or Art Foundation courses. It has been such a pleasure seeing every girl finding the right path for them and doing so well. 

They should be rightly proud of what they have achieved as are we.’