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NHEHS Musician of The Year Competition 2019

“Whose name will be the very first one to be inscribed on the NHEHS Musician of the Year Shield?” was the question posed by Miss Goodsell as she introduced the second ever Musician of the Year competition on February 13th.

We were delighted to be holding the competition as an evening event for the first time, with the Awards to be judged by an external adjudicator, Patrick Martin, Director of Music at St. Helen’s School, Northwood, also for the first time.

Nine girls from Years 7-9 had put themselves forward to compete for the Junior Award, with guitar, flute, violin, piano and voice all featuring.  The audience were treated to a varied selection of pieces, including Schubert, Michaeloudis, Beethoven, Debussy, Wedgwood, Chopin and Grieg.

The impressive performances continued with our senior girls who performed on the cello, piano, flute, saxophone, violin and voice, with music by Saint-Saëns, Brahms, Chopin, Gluck, Binge, Bloch and finally Beethoven.

After a short deliberation, Mr. Martin praised the overall confidence and musicality of the performances, then commented and gave feedback about every individual’s solos before announcing the much-anticipated results.

In a close-run competition, Shreya (Year 8) was declared the winner of the Junior Award for her violin performance of Edvard Grieg’s Allegretto (Sonata no. 3 in C minor) while the Senior and overall Musician of the Year Award was Miranda (Year 12) for her violin interpretation of Ernest Bloch’s Nigun.



Senior Musician of the Year

Winner – Miranda (Year 12)

2nd  – Grace (Year 12)

3rd – Jaya (Year 10)


Junior Musician of the Year

Winner – Shreya (Year 8)

2nd – Kikuko (Year 7)

3rd – Chloe (Year 8)

Concluding the evening, Mr. Shoults said that listening to girls’ different interpretations of the music had opened his ears to the composers again and had inspired him to listen to the music at home through ‘fresh ears.’  

Thank you to Jozef Janik for accompanying the girls on the piano and the music department for arranging such an inspiring evening. Congratulations to all 17 girls for creating such a special evening of music under the Recital Hall lights.  

The First EPQ Evening at NHEHS

The very first Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) evening was held at NHEHS on 7th February. The evening was to celebrate the girls’ success in completing the Extended Project.

An EPQ is an independent research project which involves writing an essay of around 5,000 words, or creating a product and must be accompanied by extensive research, a written report and a presentation. It is designed for 6th Formers and enables students to develop their abilities to learn independently, use their learning experiences to support their plans for further study or career development as well as transfer skills developed as part of the project to other areas of study. It can also add considerable value to university applications. When selecting a project, girls are encouraged to consider a wide variety of ideas for inspiration, including their hobbies/interests, current affairs, but also their career/university course aspirations or which A level they would have liked to take but did not.

Year 13 students were invited to the evening to attend a variety of presentations given by the Year 13 EPQ candidates, who were assessed by their supervisors. Parents and governors were also invited to the event, as were Year 11 girls who were considering studying for an EPQ in the future.

Fifteen candidates presented on a wide variety of topics ranging from the latest tech to ancient history to fashion via semantics, including:

  • What problems do Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence pose on British law and ethics?


  • To what extent is western post-modern society responsible for the increase in body dysmorphic psychosomatic illnesses?


  • To what extent were women’s rights erased by the Norman Conquest of 1066?


  • Where do words get their meaning?


  • Gray Area: Imagining Eileen Gray’s Sketchbook from 1926 to 1929


  • How has culture and traditions impacted Somali integration into London?


  • Is Extroversion Affected More by Environment or Physiology?


  • To what extent does personality type have an effect on belief in Conspiracy Theories?


A drinks reception followed the presentations, as did the opportunity for further discussions amongst the girls and parents.

This inaugural event proved a great success and plans are already afoot for a Year 12 EPQ event this June!


NHEHS Celebrates The Move To Ealing From Notting Hill

On Thursday February 7th we celebrated our school’s move from Notting Hill to its current Ealing home with a number of special school-wide activities, culminating in a wonderful ceremony in Ealing in the afternoon.


The school in Notting Hill opened on 16th September 1873 with 10 pupils – only one of whom had been to school before. Following the move to Ealing, the school re-opened at its new premises (formerly Girton House School) on 20th January 1931 with 237 pupils. 


To mark the move, 46 intrepid NHEHS girls made the historic walk from Norland Square in Notting Hill to Cleveland Road in Ealing, wearing red sashes and carrying placards commemorating the ‘Move to Ealing Day.’  Setting off at 10 am, the girls performed a short ceremony and then set off walking from W11 through Shepherd’s Bush and Acton, taking two and a half hours (with Percy Pig breaks) to cover the 5.1-mile-long journey.


 Back at school, our Juniors were not to be left out of the celebrations with a Year 4-6 maths relay race across the top courts. The Year 5 and 6 classes took part in their own heritage swimming race, which involved swimming two lengths of the pool while keeping their candles lit!

Keeping up the sports theme, some of our Year 9 girls had kicked off the Move To Ealing Challenge earlier in the week by rowing the distance between the old site in Notting Hill and the new school site in Ealing in under 11 minutes!


In the afternoon, the Senior School filed into the Hall, and were joined by NHEHS VIPs including two previous Headmistresses, Lucinda Hunt and Susan Whitfield, the Chair of the Old Girls’ Association, Jane Sigaloff, Dr. Nirupa Murugaesu (GDST Alumna of the year 2018, NHEHS 1995) and Madeleine Heggs (NHEHS 1948). Mr. Shoults told the story of the school’s move to Ealing with some inspiring anecdotes of the Head, Miss McCaig and her steadfast vision of the school moving to the ‘land of milk and honey’ in Ealing. A short, light-hearted piece of drama, performed by Senior School girls, brought Miss McCaig to life and afterwards, we enjoyed a revival of the old school song.


A delightful afternoon tea was then enjoyed by Year 13, teachers, staff and guests with Alumna Madeleine Heggs sharing her fond memories of the school in the 1930s and 40s. 


A new tradition is born!

GDST Languages Festival – Languages to the Rescue!

‘Languages to the Rescue’ was the theme of the annual GDST Languages Festival hosted by NHEHS last week with over 100 linguists and teachers participating from fellow GDST schools Brighton & Hove High, Putney High School and Sutton High School.

Mr Piesse and the MFL Languages department had lined up a busy day of fun activities highlighting the importance of languages in today’s world.

Kicking off the morning was an inspiring talk from Wimbledon High Alumna Amy Harland from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, who explained how language learning had helped in her diplomatic career.

First up for Years 8 and 9 was the “Learn/Teach a Language” challenge. 

Linguists from each school adopted teaching roles and were judged on how interesting they made the lesson, their use of resources, teamwork and memorability! The real challenge was that each school had to teach a brand new language and to deliver the lesson without using any technology! NHEHS took on Swedish, Putney Dutch, Brighton Farsi and Sutton Arabic.

In the meantime, Year 7s from all four schools demonstrated very impressive levels of concentration and focus at the Spelling Bee, as they had to translate and spell in French, German, Spanish and Mandarin under timed conditions.

After break, we enjoyed the much anticipated Eurovision Sing Off in the Recital Hall as the multi-talented Year 7 and 8 linguists performed singing and dance routines in the four languages before the judges. After the judges’ deliberation, Brighton were judged the winners with their medley of French pop songs which had the whole audience clapping along in time!

At the same time in the Main Hall, the Year 9s were also performing – using their dramatic and creative skills – they were challenged to perform four minute original plays using at least two languages. There were some excellent performances from Language Super Heroines as well as a great use of props too! The NHEHS Year 9 Mandarin group were declared the winners for their play about being lost in the centre of London.

After lunch, some of the younger girls learned the intricacies of Chinese brush painting from Mrs Luo, while others took part in a Poetry Writing workshop.

NHEHS Alumna Anna Allatt (Duty Editor, BBC3) led a Career workshop for the Year 10 and 12 students together with Mrs Eberlin (Acting Head of German at NHEHS).

At the final session, all the linguists came back together to find out how the Year 10 and 12s had taken up the challenge set by our Year 12 Language Reps: “Create news stories videos on Ipads showing how languages can come to the rescue in an apocalypse!”

Having spent their morning honing their videography skills, the girls demonstrated great GDST spirit by working together to produce an amazing variety of dramatic news stories, (using at least two foreign languages) which they filmed all over the Senior School.

At the Prize Giving the audience were treated to the winning performances from the NHEHS Year 9 Mandarin Play and the Eurovision winners, Brighton, while certificates were awarded to the winners of all the other activities.


Year 7 Spelling Bee


Winners – French (Brighton), Spanish (Putney), German (Putney), Chinese (NHEHS)

Year 9 Teach a Language

Winner – NHEHS (Elina, Divya, Phoenix, Aalia, Korina)

2nd – Putney

3rd – Brighton

Year 9 Plays

Winner – NHEHS Mandarin (Elina, Divya, Phoenix, Aalia, Korina)

2nd – Brighton French/Spanish

3rd – Sutton Spanish

Year 7/8 Eurovision

Winner – Brighton

2nd – Sutton

3rd – NHEHS

Year 10/12 Video

Group 2 – NHEHS (Freddie, Anika) & Putney

Many thanks to Mr. Piesse and the NHEHS MFL department for all their hard work putting together such varied and fun activities to inspire our language learning!


Move to Ealing Day!

To commemorate the School’s original home in Notting Hill, our newly launched “Walk to Ealing Day” starts tomorrow with a 5 mile walk from Norland Square in Holland Park to Cleveland Road in Ealing.

The original move was announced in Summer 1930 by the then new head, Miss McCaig, at the start of what was to become a twenty year long tenure. The School had its final Christmas celebration in Notting Hill that year before opening completely anew on 20th January 1931 in its new home in Ealing.

Here’s a personal account from one of the girls who wrote her experience of the big move in the 1931 School Magazine:

“The news of the proposed move to Ealing came soon after the beginning of the Summer Term, and for a time conversation was mainly a discussion of means of transport. The words Central London Railway, District, Great Western, and the numbers 184, 97, 65 almost hung in the air. The girls who then came to Notting Hill from Ealing showered information about season tickets and times of trains, or wandered about murmuring dreamily “Breakfast at half-past eight.” Next we heard of the purchase of Girton House; and the Five Hard Red Tennis Courts (described variously as the best in Ealing, in West London, in London, in England, and in the world) took the place of trains and ‘buses in the general imagination.

In September we welcomed Miss McCaig, and the last term in the old building began. It seemed very quiet. We had grown used to thinking of the tennis courts and the journey, and even to the sound of Notting-Hill-and- Ealing, which had once seemed so difficult; and really there was not very much to talk about. Reports of the builders’ progress were brought in by Ealing girls or by pilgrims who had been out “to see”; it seemed rather slow—especially the foundations—and could hardly lead to much discussion.

A little before the end of term we began packing—library books, science apparatus, acting costumes, pens and pencils, all in brown paper parcels neatly labelled. All chairs and desks, and even blackboards, had to be labelled too, in order that they might be taken at once to the right rooms in the new School, and in the midst, it seemed, of the labelling the term came to an end. We broke up, with a carol service, on Friday, 19th December; some of us stayed all day, some came back on the next day, to help with packing. It was all very busy and brisk, and it was very difficult to believe that we were never coming back. We went off for the holidays (the thought of tying up Christmas parcels was not quite as attractive as usual), and while we were away the School’s belongings were moved to Ealing. The synchronised clocks (as we discovered when they reappeared a few days ago) were stopped one day at a quarter past four—a comfortable, tea-by-the fire sort of time, and quite inappropriate. It should have been 3-55.

This term has naturally been a busy one. At first only the old part of the building was ready; but in a surprisingly short time we were able to move into the new wing, a floor at a time, until we were sorted out into our proper form rooms. It was very interesting to see the rooms being finished before our eyes.

On Thursday, 26th February, the new building was formally opened. The Marquess of Crewe, President of the Trust, was to have performed the ceremony, but as he was ill Lady Crewe came instead, and in a short speech declared the building open. Interesting speeches were made also by Mr. Laurie Magnus (who took the Chair) and Miss McCaig. Lady Savory proposed a vote of thanks to Lady Crewe, and the Mayor of Ealing seconded it. Before and after the ceremony, songs were sung by the Senior and Junior choirs. Then we dispersed to our form rooms, while the many visitors looked over the school”.


NHEHS Charities News Update

So far this school year we have had a fantastic start to our Charity work here at NHEHS. We have raised just over £2000 pounds so far for a variety of charities including the Royal Brompton Hospital, Binti, Young Minds, Crisis at Christmas – just to name a few as a result of the weekly form charity events and whole school initiatives.

We also received some lovely feedback from Ealing foodbank, who were the recipients of our record-breaking donations for Harvest Festival: “On behalf of Ealing Foodbank, I would like to thank the staff, pupils and parents for their very generous harvest donation. The warehouse is now looking much healthier than it did which means we can continue supporting those Ealing residents who sadly need to visit a foodbank. Please be assured that all donations will find a good home. Thank you very much.”

We would also like to say a huge thank you to our Year 13 Charity Reps, Sriya, Sharuka, Priya, Karen and Fatma who have worked extremely hard in their Charity Rep roles this year and made such a difference. We also look forward to working with our new Year 12 Charity Representatives – Emily, Maia, Ellie and Vanessa this year to continue with the amazing charity work here at NHEHS.

Updates on our main charity projects

Last term our Ealing Mencap events coordinators met to discuss our first charity event we will be holding for the people Ealing Mencap committee supports. The team consists of 11 students in Years 7-9 as well as our three Year 10 volunteering representations who have been working extremely hard to come up with a fantastic and fun event. They have decided on a fun fayre activity session which involves jewellery making, mindfulness colouring and origami, board games, watercolour painting as well as cake decorating and photo booth fun! Watch this space for updates on our plans

We are also excited to see the Digital Developers Project with Ealing Mencap taking shape. Following the fundraising application process, the successful candidates will visit the Ealing Mencap HQ every fortnight and will then become an integral part of developing the digital face of Ealing Mencap. They will be tasked with increasing awareness of Ealing Mencap’s great work to the local community through creating blogs, vlogs, newsletter articles as well as tweeting and updating the digital face of Ealing Mencap.

In addition, Issey, one of our year 12 students, has taken on the exciting project brief for Ealing Mencap which involves developing an app to aid adults with communication difficulties. As Ealing Mencap supports people with both learning and physical disabilities, for some of these people communication can be a huge barrier to their everyday lives. With the app’s help, we hope that we can develop a piece of technology to aid them in overcoming this barrier.

The Drayton Green reading program is in full swing with eight Year 12 students currently attending Drayton Green Primary School on a weekly basis to read with children. Our students have played a crucial part in developing the young children’s literacy and reading skills. The Deputy Head at Drayton Green recently gave the following feedback on how the girls have been getting on: “I would just like to say how much the children at Drayton Green absolutely love working with your students and how appreciative the teachers are for their help. It really is making such a difference.”

Four girls have successfully started volunteering with Ealing Age Concern, befriending the elderly people in our local community. They have completed a number of activities including singalong sessions, helping to serve lunch to the elderly people and playing games including bingo and quizzes.

Watch this space for more updates!

NHEHS U11 Netballers Win Newland House Tournament Plate

The Newland House Netball tournament in Twickenham took place last week marking the first netball tournament after the Christmas break. As a friendly fixture had been cancelled earlier in the week due to snow, all the girls were looking forward to playing in this tournament.

The number of schools taking part had increased to twelve from last year, and as a result the schools were divided into two groups, giving each school five matches in their group before the second round of matches would be decided.

NHEHS got off to a good start winning their first match 3 – 0 but unfortunately placement of the ball wasn’t consistently accurate enough, along with a lack of concentration, in the following three games.

As a result, the girls lost these matches by one or two goals. Determined to finish the group matches on a positive note, the NHEHS team went all out in their last group game to beat Pembridge Hall 5 – 2. After a short break, the final round of matches were announced. Unfortunately NHEHS hadn’t made it in to the Shield round of games but they soon put this disappointment aside and decided they were going to go all out to try to win the Plate group.

The final round of matches were against Pembridge Hall, Orchard House, LEH, Newland House B and Old Vicarage.

NHEHS were like a new team and went from strength to strength, winning all their matches. They were now in the final and excited to be playing against Old Vicarage. There was a definite air of confidence in the girls before they went on court in the final and as the match progressed they totally dominated the opposition in both attack and defence. When the final bell rang NHEHS had won 11- 0 and were most definitely worthy winners of the Plate group.

It was a great morning of netball and all the girls were delighted to be going home with a medal and the Plate.

U11A Team Natasha, Josephine, Jasmine, Jaspreet, Dana, Morven, India, Emma and Sofia.

NHEHS Most Valuable Player: Dana

Howzat? NHEHS are Middlesex U12 Cricket Champions at Lord’s!

Last week, the NHEHS U12 cricket team travelled to Lord’s, the home of cricket for the Lady Taverners Indoor Middlesex Tournament. Some of the team members had been part of the victorious Year 6 team which had won the U11 tournament at the same venue last year, so were looking to repeat their 2018 success. 

In the first game, our girls played Francis Holland, narrowly winning by 2 runs, with one wicket taken: run out by Kikuko!

Next, we played St Paul’s Girls’ A team and unfortunately lost due to 30 runs being deducted for wickets.

The third game was versus Lady Margaret’s A team and our girls played brilliantly, taking 84 runs against their seven! Particularly good performances came from Kikuko who bowled one out and Mimi, Yasmin and Annabel who all took a catch.

The fourth game was another amazing win for our girls, as we took four wickets from the Godolphin B team. Mimi, Anya, Annabel and Eliza all took a wicket each. It was an exciting game as Godolphin batted very well, making us neck and neck – if it weren’t for the wickets.

So we made it through to the semi-final and won the toss for the first time all day; meaning were in the field for the first innings for once. We played St Paul’s again, very narrowly beating them by four runs, with Eliza winning it for us with a fantastic catch.

So in the final, we played the team to beat, a real challenge; Godolphin A team. They batted well, but we really stepped up in the field and worked with the pressure, taking six wickets, from Anya, Eliza, Annabel and Kikuko. In the second innings they had us on the run, taking three wickets quite early but we brought it back in the bat and beat them by 10 runs.

Overall, we bowled extraordinarily well across the whole team. Opening batters Anna and Evie really got us off to a good start throughout the day and amazing team work was present from everyone. Super coach Claudia, who has done a brilliant job coaching the team during the winter, and Miss Nicholas kept up the team’s energy levels from the sidelines throughout the tournament.

A great day for our girls meant we won gold! Good work everyone!

The Whole of NHEHS “Blings Their Bins!”

By Isabel Hepburne-Scott & Sofia Stidham, Year 10

Have you ever wondered how you get people to recycle paper rather than just putting in the bin? You hold a school-wide competition on how to do that with the simple idea of “blinging your bin.”

Well, what does it mean to “bling your bin”?

The idea dated back to 8:45am on a Monday morning during assembly when we were all told about the competition. The Head Girl Team asked us to make a poster which made people want to recycle, and to make it even better, they told us that there was a chocolate prize for the best form’s poster (that was when everyone became excited!).

On Wednesday morning, all the forms from year 7-11 began to create the posters – some posters had rhymes and slogans (“bin there, done that”), some had drawings on them and some just had arrows and words stating, “please recycle here” in bold letters. One form even had the idea of doing a meme!

The posters are currently being judged by the Head Girl Team, and so we wait with bated breath to hear which form’s poster is deemed the most likely to encourage students to recycle, and we look forward to seeing it above every recycling bin in the school next week!

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