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Pioneering Eco Leaders at NHEHS

In the autumn term of Year 10 in 2018, girls were given the opportunity to follow their own passions and take up Leadership positions for the year within the school, including Eco, Digital, Volunteering, Journalism and Debating.

Sophie, Brianna and Zahra applied successfully to be Eco Leaders and have made a big difference to increasing awareness about the environment at school.

This was the first year of Eco Leaders at NHEHS, so the girls were able to demonstrate their passion for the the environment and make the roles their own. Determined to help inform and improve knowledge in school about the environment, the three Reps set about making changes within school to be  more environmentally conscious.

As part of the role, the girls had to plan, run and promote various activities working towards the TFL Stars Bronze Award which taught them valuable time management, communication and organisational skills as well as how making small changes as part of our everyday lives can really make a difference to our environment. 

Activities included leading a school assembly during Bike Week to promote the benefits to the planet and our health of walking or biking to school. They encouraged Senior School girls and staff to cycle or walk to school to be entitled to a free breakfast at the end of the week! The three Leaders also set up a stand at Junior School Fun Day to help spread the word about climate change, anti-idling, plastic pollution and to encourage more walking or cycling to school.

Anti-idling was a key message for the Leaders which they promoted at an assembly in conjunction with the Sixth Form Geography Reps and through a whole school poster design competition. They also spoke to both Junior and Senior school parents at pick-up and drop-off times to help get their message across, even gaining approval from a local policeman passing by! 

As part of Science Week here at NHEHS in the spring term, they brought plastic waste and climate change to the fore with an art exhibition of model sea creatures made from plastic waste.  

Asked if they have learned anything they can use in their studies or outside of school, Zahra replied “Of course! All knowledge about out climate can be used all through life. We learned about plastic pollution, idling and the devastating effects it can have and how important travel is/ what a big contributor it is. It also encouraged us to be more active and generally environmentally aware in things like recycling and bringing re-usable bottles.”

A fantastic year’s work culminated in the award of the TFL Stars Bronze Accreditation for 2019 in September!

Congratulations to Sophie, Brianna and Zahra!

NHEHS Weekly Sports Update October 4th – 11th 2019

Another highly successful week for NHEHS Sport! As well as a number of competitive sports fixtures we also ran a Nutrition Workshop as part of our promising players programme for County Athletes.


Our first XI football team travelled to take part in the U18 National 7-a-side tournament on 6th October. It was a great experience for the players despite not winning a match (losing to Charterhouse, Repton School & Millfield School), the girls greatly enjoyed the day.


The highlight of a busy week on the hockey field saw our U16A team finish third in the Middlesex County Tournament on October 9th, only narrowly losing out to eventual winners Godolphin & Latymer by just one goal! A special mention to the four Year 11 players who were outstanding for their team on the day: Natasha, Alice, Sophie & Jasmine. Pooja was also scouted at the U16 Tournament and has been invited to the next Middlesex training session. Our U14A team placed 4th in their County Tournament on the following day.

Our U12A & B teams took part in the Latymer Upper School tournament on the 4th October. A great experience for all our players with so many matches against strong teams, the A team finished runners up in the Plate Final with the B team losing in the Plate Semi-Final. We returned to Latymer Upper for the U13 tournament the following Monday where our U13A team were winners of the Plate Final! Our U13Bs made the B Festival semi-final but unfortunately lost out.  

St. Benedict’s School hosted our U15A hockey team (NHEHS lost 0-3 – MVP Pooja) and U12 A and B teams (lost 0-4, MVP Julia and lost 0-2, MVP Emma S). 


Our U12 & U14 teams’ interests in the Sisters n Sport National Cup both ended in the second round this week with defeats away to Wimbledon High (23-30) and home to St Augustine’s Priory (5-22) respectively. However, our U15A team took the win in the Sisters n Sport Plate competition at home to St Benedict’s School 48-27 (MVP Yasmeen).  Our U18A team played really well in the Highgate School Tournament on 9th October and thoroughly enjoyed the day despite losing every game.

NHEHS also hosted St Paul’s Girls School for U16 matches on 7th October with our guests winning both A and B matches 19-16 (MVP Jasmine S) and 19-9. 

Keerit Dhillon has made the London Pulse Hub for netball (one of only a few girls out of hundreds who trialled) and Pearl Midgley has made it to the finals of the U13 Surrey County Satellite Netball Trials.

GDST Junior Maths Conference

By Daisy Self, Year 6

On 9th October, six Year 6 girls went to the Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford for the GDST Junior Maths Conference.

Once we arrived, we had a talk about data and numbers as the theme of the day was “data.” After that we were split into groups and we made different videos about data from a survey called “If the GDST were a village.

Then during lunch break, we had a tour of the Institute where we saw where everyone works and socialises.

Next we did a quiz, which allowed us to work with girls from 20 other GDST schools and our team won a medal for collaboration. Finally, as we were leaving, we met a girl called Edwina, who went to a GDST school and is now studying for a PHD.

We all had lots of fun and we enjoyed learning about statistics.

Thank you to the GDST for this great opportunity!

NHEHS Music Students Enjoy London Philharmonic Orchestra

By Charlotte Grimwade, Year 13

On October 5, eight students ranging from years 7 to 13, attended an evening concert at the Royal Festival Hall with Miss Goodsell.

The concert’s most notable performance featured the 2016 BBC Young Musician of the Year, Sheku Kanneh-Mason, playing Elgar’s Cello Concerto with the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

Also included in the programme was the LPO’s performance of two pieces by Sibelius, The Oceanides and Symphony No.6, as well as Britten’s Variations on a Theme by Frank Bridge.

One of Britten’s Variations remarkably contained a sequence of strumming that required the entire second violin and viola sections to play their instruments like ukuleles! Overall, everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed the concert, especially Sheku Kanneh-Mason’s performance, which was incredibly powerful and emotive.

7th Year in a Row – NHEHS are Ealing Schools Girls Cross Country Champions!

On the 3rd of October 26 girls from NHEHS attended the Ealing Schools Cross Country Championships.

The Year 7/8 race was first with the girls race comprising of a 2.5k course. The NHEHS team excelled with Eadi placing first, Nicola second, Natasha (Year 7) third and Rosie fourth.

Eadi’s very fast winning time was recorded at just one second over 7 minutes! Emma in Year 7 also placed in the top 10 even though it was her first cross country event for NHEHS!

The year 9/10 race was the slightly longer distance of 3k.

This race had some tough competition with the winning time coming in in just over 8 minutes. Evangeline in Year 9 placed in the top 10 with a superb time of 9.46! Ella and Kathrine also placed in the top half of the race but all competitors contributed in gaining points for the NHEHS team.

The final race of the day was the 11/12 race which was 3.5k.

The girls produced a real team effort with all girls finishing in the top 10. Jasmine finished in 1st place even though she was racing girls a year older than her and finished in a very quick time of 10.46. Fiona raced to the bronze medal, Lauren finished 6th and Amelia placed 8th.


A special mention should also go out to the girls that finished top six; Eadi, Nicola, Natasha, Rosie, Jasmine, Fiona and Lauren who have all been given the opportunity to represent the Borough of Ealing in Cross Country at the London Youth Games in November at Parliament Hill due to their quick times. Many congratulations!

A very successful day and very proud of all the girls that took part. Fingers crossed for next year!

Miss Munro

NHEHS Weekly Sports Update September 27th-October 4th 2019

A very busy and successful week in sport!

Cross Country

On the 3rd of October 26 girls from NHEHS competed in the Ealing Schools Cross Country Championships. The Year 7/8 race was first with the girls’ race comprising of a 2.5k course. The NHEHS team excelled, taking first (Eadi), second (Nicola), third (Natasha) and fourth (Rosie) places. Emma in Year 7 also placed in the top 10 even though it was her first cross country event for NHEHS!  The Year 9/10 race was a very competitive 3k, with Evangeline (Year 9) placing in the top 10 and both Ella and Kathrine finishing in the top half of the race. All our competitors contributed in gaining valuable points for the NHEHS team.

The final race of the day was the Year 11/12 race which was 3.5k. Here the girls produced a real team effort with all girls finishing in the top 10. Jasmine was the winner even though she was racing girls a year older than her in a very quick time of 10.46. Fiona was awarded the bronze medal, while Lauren finished 6th and Amelia placed in 8th.

A special mention should also go out to the girls that finished top 6; Eadi, Nicola, Natasha, Rosie Hewitt, Jasmine, Fiona and Lauren who have all been given the opportunity to represent the Borough of Ealing in Cross country at the London Youth Games due to their quick times.  Many congratulations! 


October 3rd saw the final stage of the Team Tennis Schools Event – Regional Finals at Sutton Tennis Academy with girls competing from Year 8 and 9.  NHEHS played well but lost the semi-final (2-10) after the singles and doubles rounds. The afternoon match was to decide third and fourth place. After the single and doubles, NHEHS and Highworth School were tied on 6-6, which created a penalty shoot out tie break to 10 points. Despite some winning shots and strong tactical play, NHEHS ended the match 6-10. Very pleased to have reached this stage of the competition and the team should be proud of achieving fourth place in the region.

NHEHS hockey GDST U15Hockey

NHEHS was undefeated in hockey this week with two wins, a walkover and a draw. We were awarded a walkover in the U15 GDST Regional Playoffs, while our U15As beat Oxford High School 2-0 (MVP Ellie) and Northwood College (MVP Ellie again) on October 3rd. Our U16A team drew 0-0 away at St Augustine’s Priory earlier in the week, with MVP Natasha.


Six U13 NHEHS teams took on Lady Eleanor Holles away on September 30th and achieved two wins, two draws and two defeats despite the rain!

Our U13A took the win 19-10 (MVP Ella) and the Bs also by 12-8 (MVP Poppy). Our C and E teams drew two exciting games 8-8 and 5-5 respectively, while our D and F teams lost narrowly 4-6 and 4-7. Our U14B team played St Augustine’s Priory at home on 3rd October, winning 20-9 (MVP Harneet) while our C team also took the win, this time 9-5 (MVP Keira).



NHEHS Sports Captain Jojo’s Top 10 Time Management Tips

By Jojo Loxton, NHEHS Sports Captain

After the brilliant extra-curricular fair last month, a lot of girls have thrown themselves into loads of clubs, which is great but can cause issues if you don’t manage your time properly. 

However, playing sport at school has been proven to be one of the best ways to learn time management skills and has definitely helped me.

So, here are my ten top tips for time management:

  1. Pack your school bag the night before – this allows your mornings to be super smooth and easy so you don’t have to be in a rush. It should also help you to be more organised, so you don’t forget anything.
  2. Use dead time productively – ‘dead time’ is where you don’t do anything at all, for example the time when you are travelling to school. If you feel like you need a break, try listening to music instead of looking at social media so you can fully relax. If you need to be revising, try bringing small flashcards with you so you don’t lose this precious time!
  3. Turn off all social media at 9pm – it’s likely that your days will be super busy so it’s really important you get a full night’s sleep and turning off devices at nine can really help.
  4. Plan your time so that if you are busy after school you can study at lunch – if you have a match in the evening and then you are going straight to training, there probably won’t be much time for homework. If you plan your time ahead you and a friend could grab a packed lunch and go to the library at lunch to try and make sure you get some of your work done so it doesn’t pile up.
  5. Give yourself time to eat – make sure you give yourself time, both in the morning and at lunch, to properly refuel your body. It’s really difficult to run around doing a million clubs and lessons on an empty stomach!
  6. Talk! – it’s so important to keep coaches, teachers and parents in the loop about how your feeling. Sometimes it’s hard to juggle everything all at once so communication with those around you can really help you and them to understand what’s going on.
  7. Plan out your week so you can visually see where you have time and where you don’t – on Sunday evenings, plan out the week ahead of you. I use a weekly planner that I write down all my meetings, training, matches etc on so I can see what I’ve got when, this can help you plan time to socialise with friends and know what time needs to be spent working.
  8. Know when to take a break – You need to make time for you, time to fully relax and switch off, when you aren’t with anyone, when you’re not doing work, not on social media. It’s really important to be able to identify when this is for you. Especially for athletes, when your muscles are sore after training and you just need an hour to yourself, I would recommend a bath, it’s relaxing and soothing for your muscles!
  9. Avoid procrastination – it can be really difficult, but if you’ve only got a couple of hours to get your work done, you need to devote your full attention to that. Put your phone away and spend that time working but make sure you reward yourself at the end!
  10. Make a short To-Do List – To-Do lists have got to be achievable otherwise they can just stress you out more. Try not to put more than 7 things on your list and use the time that you do have available wisely!


At NHEHS we have the opportunity to experience so many different clubs so make sure you make the most of it!

If you are struggling to balance it all, there are always people that want to help, from form tutors to big sisters or you could even come and catch me, we have all been through it before and can lend a helping hand.

Head Girl Team Blog October Update

Head Girl Team NHEHSAs we’ve settled into our positions as your Head Girl Team, we have been badgering away and brainstorming new events, acting on your comments from our last school council meeting and implementing our new suggestions box in the Portrait Room (opposite the Terracotta Warrior). We have already received some great suggestions ranging from more socials with other schools, as well as more practical suggestions about Chromebook use. We hear your concerns and ideas and will be acting on these as the term goes ahead and hope that this box has made you feel like you can approach us anytime.

In these first few weeks, we’ve received the exciting news that some redecoration of the Sixth Form Centre will be happening and have been conjuring up several designs plus an infinite number of wall colours to choose from. At our latest School Council meeting, we discussed topics from wellbeing to whole school events and enjoyed hearing your ideas about further charity opportunities through up-cycling clothes or fundraising for an animal charity (animal onesies, anyone?).

Keep submitting your thoughts as we would love to hear from the whole school about what you would like to see happening. It could be anything as small as an assembly idea or something as big as a whole school charity event – the ball is in your court! 

School BirthdayNHEHS Birthday 146

The start of the new academic year at Notting Hill is always jam-packed, but one of the highlights is definitely the school’s birthday! From the Smarties, to seeing the school flag waving on the pole, the 16th of September is always a special day. As we celebrated 146 years of NHEHS, this year’s assembly was all about the history of music at the school. From learning about the discussion of a music society in 1928, to recorder classes in 1948 sounding like farmyards, the school’s musical history is quite a colourful one.

NHEHS is also home to some incredible musical alumnae: Astra Desmond and Nona Liddell were notable for being leaders during times when women rarely featured as soloists. A more recent alumni is Hannah Reid from the band London Grammar. It’s clear that music has been an important part of Notting Hill for many decades – why not start learning a new instrument or join the choir? Not only will it be an opportunity to make new friends, but it’s also great practice for House Shout!

If you ever want to learn more about the school’s history, there is an area in the portrait room, just outside the silent zone, dedicated to this, or Mrs Broekmann will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

extra curricular fair nhehsExtra-Curricular Fair

There are endless opportunities at school and one of the easiest ways to settle into school life and make lots of friends is through extra-curricular clubs. So it was very exciting when the extra-curricular fair returned with over 100 clubs! This amazing opportunity enabled new and returning students to sign up to a range of clubs from Philmosophy to Dissecting Club to Drama Club and numerous sports clubs. Whether you are a budding linguist, climate change activist or just want to ‘knit and knatter’, NHEHS definitely has a club for you. The main hall was filled with stalls and students from every year at lunchtime, walking around with open planners, fighting for the pens at each desk.

Each club was given the chance to set up a display and entice as many eager students as possible. The Lego Robotics Club kept us mesmerised with their synchronised robots in action, while the sports department set the students physical challenges. Other clubs used more sneaky ideas, such as sweets to bribe the younger years!

While it can be a bit overwhelming at the amount of clubs on offer everyone managed to sign up and find a club for them. But…don’t worry if you missed out because there’s always opportunities to sign up for more. If you signed up for loads of clubs in a burst of enthusiasm and are finding it hard to manage your time, check out Sports Captain Jojo’s Top Ten Time Management Tips which you might find helpful! Also, remember to say thank you to all the staff and students who run your clubs because without them they would not be possible! 

Immi, Dedan, Anna, Emily, Dhruti & Jojo

Year 12 Chichester Art Trip

In the third week of term, Year 12 students of A Level Art visited the Ivon Hitchens retrospective at Pallant House Gallery, in Chichester, for a guided tour.

Hitchens’ flamboyant paintings were heavily influenced by European Colourists such as Matisse, and will provide plenty of inspiration for our research into natural and man-made environments.

In the afternoon, we braved the rain to follow the trail at the nearby Cass Sculpture Foundation in Goodwood, which includes 80 monumental sculptures within the Foundation’s 26 acre grounds.

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