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Top Ten Finish for NHEHS Year 6 Swimming Relay Team in National Finals!

By Mr Bent, Swimming Teacher & CoachNHEHS Y6 Swim teamSheffield Forge Pool

On Saturday June 15th, the NHEHS Year 6 swimming team travelled to the 25th ESSA team championships for primary schools at Ponds Forge in Sheffield.  The train was quite busy on the way up, but the journey went like clockwork and we were even able to sneak in a cheeky Starbucks on the way! We arrived at 1 pm then picked up the team hoodies at the signing in desk and proceeded to the poolside by the marshalling area.

The girls had a last minute bite to eat before the parade of captains and officials, with Alex and Evie representing our teams as the captains marching behind the London banner. Then they lined up for the National Anthem ahead of the badge presentation for the participating teams from all over England by the president of the ESSA, Simon Bedford.

The NHEHS team put on a tremendous performance in the races, beating the original qualifying times by 5 seconds in their events and qualifying for both medley and freestyle B finals on the day.

NHEHS Y6 SwimmersThere were three heats in each event in the eight lane pool, so with 24 teams for each event, the team came a fantastic second in the medley relay B finals (10th fastest NHEHS Y6 Swim team hoodiesin the country) in a time of 1.11:19, then third in the freestyle relay B final 1.02:65 (11th fastest in the country)!

We travelled back high as kites after such a brilliant day, returning to Ealing by 20.30 pm. I suspect they all had a great night’s sleep after all the excitement!


Freestyle relay team:





Medley relay team:





NHEHS teachers & students predict the FIFA Women’s World Cup

This topic had provoked a bit of debate among girls and teachers so Sports Captain JoJo set off to find out and check out the NHEHS footballing talent along the way!

See who Mr Shoults, Mr Livings, Miss Munro-Hall and the NHEHS girls think will win. Watch out for Mr Livings’ football skills too!

Who will be proved right?


NHEHS Year 6 Finish Top in Year Group at GDST Athletics Rally in Bath!

On the 10th June a team of thirteen Year 5 and 6 athletes took part in the combined Junior and Senior GDST Athletics meeting at Bath University.

Fortunately the weather was dry and warm in Bath when we first arrived, but that was short lived as the rain started halfway through the day which made conditions quite miserable!

We were able to enter one girl in to each event, with each individual competing in a maximum of two events plus a relay.

A total of seventeen GDST school competed in the junior section and there were a lot of talented young sports women competing so the standard was high.

All our athletes performed brilliantly with the following girls reaching the finals of the their events: Ishbel in the 80m sprint, Daisy fourth in the 600m and second in long jump, Morven fourth in the hurdles and fifth in the 80m sprint, Natasha third in 600m and fourth in high jump and Dana fifth in the rounders ball throw.

Both the Year 5 and 6 relays also qualified for the relay finals.

When all the points were totalled our Year 6 NHEHS Team won their section and as a Junior School we were third overall which is a fantastic result.


This was a tremendous experience for all the girls who took part despite the rain. Watching the senior girls also gave them something to aspire to.

Year 8 Public Speaking Day at NHEHS

By Gen Pearce, Year 8

Public Speaking Day for Year 8s was held on the third of June and hosted by Ms Gordon.

The day involved several aspects: primarily, an introduction to public speaking by Ms Gordon and a few “top tips” such as engaging interaction and the importance of speaking to the audience rather than your notes.

The next task was to choose, in our groups, a topic to prepare a debate around – these ranged from “Mixed schools are good” to “We should ban single-use plastic,” “Disney princesses are good role models for kids” to “Museums should charge an entry-fee.” We then presented and were given feedback.

 There were several aspects to the day which posed a challenge to members of our year group, including confidence when speaking, eye contact and being pushed outside our comfort zone. However, for the majority of us, these were overcome and it improved our skills noticeably. 

 Overall, it was a fantastic day, superbly hosted by Ms Gordon and left many, including me, feeling better equipped to speak in public.

Record numbers present at Year 12 EPQ Evening

Following the success of the EPQ evening at NHEHS back in February, over 30 Year 12 students presented their Extended Project Qualifications (EPQ) to fellow students, staff and parents earlier this week. The event was held to celebrate the girls’ success in completing the Extended Project, with audience invited to attend different presentations according to their interest and ask questions after each one.

An EPQ is an independent research project which involves writing an essay of around 5,000 words, or creating a product and must be accompanied by extensive research, a written report and a presentation. It is designed for 6th Formers and enables students to develop their abilities to learn independently, use their learning experiences to support their plans for further study or career development as well as transfer skills developed as part of the project to other areas of study. It can also add considerable value to university applications. When selecting a project, girls are encouraged to consider a wide variety of ideas for inspiration, including their hobbies/interests, current affairs, but also their career/university course aspirations or which A level they would have liked to take but did not.

Thirty four candidates presented on a wide range of topics ranging from the human genetic modification to mental health stigma to plastic pollution via Oscar Wilde, including:

Would incorporating 5G into (fully autonomous) cars make them safer and what are the benefits and problems that it brings?

To what extent can musicals reflect political issues?

To what extent could modern day society function properly without the idea of money?

Is mental strength or physical strength more important to succeed in rugby?

To what extent is criminal behaviour a significant component in psychopathy?

How far did the Political Campaigning of 2016 cause the result of the EU referendum?

A drinks reception followed the presentations, as did the opportunity for further discussions among the girls and parents.

Thank you to everyone who took part or came along to watch. The presentations were outstanding and were the culmination of a year of independent study. We have record numbers for EPQ this year and we are looking forward to even more next time!

Singing Workshop with Sam Queen

On Tuesday 11th June Sam Queen, NHEHS singing teacher and founder of the London Singing Studios, joined Senior Choir for a vocal workshop.

His mix of wacky exercises, which included feet tapping and walking whilst singing, throttling jumpers and friends and singing to various celebrity crushes resulted in an entertaining and informative workshop.

Here’s what Saira (Year 9) made of the workshop:

“We learned how to prepare our voices before singing, learning how to control our breathing while singing. Mr. Queen taught us how to calm ourselves and prepare for singing in front of lots of people, and how to gain confidence for a cleaner, crisper performance. It really helped improve each person’s performance, with helpful feedback tailored  towards each person’s needs. it made us all more confident, dynamic performers.”



Sports Weekly Update – June 7th 2019

A Brilliant Middlesex Schools Athletics Championships for NHEHS! NHEHS athletes

On Saturday June 8th,  seven NHEHS athletes travelled to Allianz Park to take part in the Middlesex Schools Athletics Championships.

Jasmine Palmer led the way with a fantastic first place in the U15 1500m with a super time of 4 minutes 42 seconds, proving that hard work pays off! Congratulations!

You can watch Jasmine’s final winning lap here.

Isobel placed 6th overall with 4.50m in the U15  long jump and Ellie was 4th overall in the javelin with 23.68m in the U15 javelin.

Izzie ran 13.20 seconds for the U15 100m against a strong headwind to come 9th overall.

Keerit took 9th place out of 24 in the U14 hurdles, just missing out on the final by 0.1 of a second.

Sephera (high jump) and Michelle (long jump) took 7th and 6th places out of 16 respectively in their U14 events – both a year young for the U15 age group!

Great results – well done to everyone!

All girls finishing in the top 9 in the county!


Last week was a strong one for the NHEHS rounders teams, although sadly the cricket festival for the U13s and U12s was called off owing to heavy rain on Tuesday.

Our rounders teams put on good performances, winning 3 out of 5 home fixtures.

Our U14As led the way with a 17.5 – 15 victory over West London Free School on the 6th June.

Then we had 40 girls out playing rounders in the home fixture in glorious sunshine vs Godolphin & Latymer School on the same evening.

Despite the U12A team losing narrowly 11.5 – 13.5, the U12Bs won 9.5 – 8.5 (pictured), the U12Cs drew a high scoring game 11.5 each and the U12Ds took the win 17 – 7. POM for the C team was Ishika and Aria for the Bs. Well done everyone!

In tennis, our U13 team narrowly lost to Godolphin & Latymer at home 15-18. Our U14C team took on West London Free School’s A team but lost 29-37.


NHEHS Volunteers Help Five Local Charities

Our volunteers have been busy working with four local charities over the past two terms. Here’s what they have been up to so far this year with a look ahead to what’s coming up later this term.

Ealing Mencap Ealing Mencap

Following several meetings, our Ealing Mencap Event Co-Ordinators Committee have been working extremely hard to come up with a fantastic and fun event for the people supported by the charity.

Our team of 11 students from Years 7-9 plus our three Year 10 Volunteer Reps have decided to hold a Fun Fayre activity session (date tbc) which involves jewellery making, mindfulness colouring and origami, board games, water colour painting as well as cake decorating and photo booth fun.

Some of our students are also working with Ealing Mencap on the Digital Developers Project, with three girls from Year 11 and 3 from Year 10 having successfully applied for their roles earlier this school year. The girls are visiting the Ealing Mencap headquarters in Perivale every fortnight to meet the service users themselves and gain an understanding of how the service works. They will then take on responsibilities for developing the digital face of Ealing Mencap, both assisting Ealing Mencap and helping to spread the word about the charity’s work in this area by reaching out to members of the local community. The girls will create blogs, vlogs, newsletter articles as well as tweeting and updating the digital face of Ealing Mencap.

Ealing Mencap supports people with both learning and physical disabilities and so for some of these people communication can be a huge barrier to their everyday lives. With our help, we hope that we can develop a piece of technology to aid them in overcoming this barrier. So, in addition, Issey in Year 12 has taken on an exciting project brief for Ealing Mencap which involves developing an app to aid adults with communication difficulties.


Drayton Green Reading Programme Drayton Green Primary

The Drayton Green Reading Programme is in full swing with eight Year 12 students currently attending Drayton Green Primary School on a weekly basis to read with children. Our students have played a crucial part in developing the young children’s literacy and reading skills. The Deputy Head at Drayton Green recently gave feedback on how the girls have been getting on: “I would just like to say how much the children at Drayton Green absolutely love working with your students and how appreciative the teachers are for their help. It really is making such a difference.”


Ealing Age UKEaling Age Concern

The Ealing Age Concern Project currently comprises six Year 12 students who made successful applications to take part and have started their volunteering at Greenford Community Centre. Typical volunteering activities include the provision of lunch, playing games including bingo and general befriending and chatting with the elderly people to combat loneliness.


The Log Cabin Log Cabin

Our Year 10s will be holding their annual party for the Log Cabin on June 12th and the Year 10 forms have been busy planning the activities for the event during form time and PSHCE.


Kids Cookery School

Last term we launched our Kids Cookery School volunteering opportunity and received a fantastic uptake of 47 students who attended the initial interest meeting with 30 of those students already having made successful applications. An induction session was held in March, run by the CEO of the charity Fiona Hamilton to give the girls more information and arrange their volunteering schedule for the upcoming months.


Weekly Charity and Whole School Events

Finally, the spring term saw some brilliant weekly form charity events from an exciting Easter egg hunt from 7T to  8E’s teacher rap battle! We have raised money for some fantastic charities including Amend, GOSH, Water Aid, Centre point, Lymphoma Action and Home Start Ealing. So far the girls have raised over £7,000 pounds for charity this year – what a great achievement!





What does it mean to be a Geography Rep at NHEHS?

In Year 12 all students are given the opportunity to apply to be Subject Representatives.

But what does it actually mean to be a Subject Rep at NHEHS?

We asked Year 12 Geography Rep Immi.

Geography Reps AssemblyWhat does it involve, why did you sign up for it, what else have you done this year for it and future plans?

In this role of geography representative, we hope to promote the subject around the school, as well as highlight the importance of understanding how the Earth works and the ways in which we impact it.

As geography representative, we give notices in assembly, run geography surgery for Year 11s, as well as geography and conservation club at lunchtime, and conduct our own assemblies.Eco installation

We have also recently made a new Environmental Activism Society, involving many Year 11s and Eco Representatives from Year 10 who are passionate about making a change in our school.

So far, we have involved all years in making a huge Blue Planet inspired installation during Science Week, linking with the theme of Amazing Animals. During this, we began with a thought-provoking assembly, addressing the importance of combating plastic pollution, as well as providing resources and videos for the Friday PSHCE lesson.

Another member of the Geography Rep team, Martha, alongside other Eco Reps in Year 10 conducted an assembly to spread awareness for anti-idling week. This consisted of the dangers and risks of leaving an engine running, as well as what we are doing nationally to combat this, and what we aim to do as a school. They held a poster competition and put several posters outside the school, handing them to parents to remind them to turn off their engines

Later in the year we hope to bring speakers in to address topics our school is interested in, especially climate change and how to reduce our carbon footprint.

Are your messages getting across?

Throughout this year, we have seen a huge surge in interest surrounding how our school can become eco-friendlier and reduce our waste even further. We have implemented new recycling policies, introducing recycling bins into every classroom in the main school and sixth form, and applied a charge to the cardboard cups (lined with a layer of plastic) used for hot drinks in sixth form.

poster animal agri geog repsDid you make the environmental posters on the walls all over school?Geo Eco poster straw

The environmental posters are made by a few of the members of the environmental activism society in Year 11, with the aim to produce a school-friendly and creative way of expressing the importance of climatic issues we face.

What are you most proud of as a Geography Rep?

I think as a team we are most proud of how the Blue Planet installation turned out. It was really rewarding to see the impact that the school can collectively have in spreading awareness for issues like plastic pollution. Being able to see the extent to which everyone can contribute into making one huge installation as a school was really rewarding, leading us to hopefully plan something similar for the future.

What do you do at home to help the environment?

I make sure to remind my family to switch off all the lights when not needed, recycle any materials possible, and reduce the amount of unnecessary plastic packaging when we shop.

I also have purchased reusable tote bags, ensuring that I don’t need to buy any carrier bags in store, as well as carrying a reusable water bottle, instead of single use plastic ones.

Buy local poster by Geog RepsIf you could suggest just one thing to help the environment, what would it be?

I think I would suggest minimising or eliminating the number of products you buy with unnecessary plastic packaging.

This is largely concerning fruit and vegetable goods, so instead of buying these at a supermarket, maybe go to a local market and bring your own reusable bag to put them in.

With the government recently stating that bans will be put in place for some single use plastic items next year (cotton buds/drink stirrers), this is definitely a step forward in the right direction. We hope to adopt little changes like this locally and advance to become a waste and plastic free school.

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