Congratulations A-level class 2020!

Wonderful to see our 2020 leavers at school today (socially-distanced of course) to receive their A-level calculated grades.

Although this year’s grades were awarded in a highly unusual way, the overall picture reflects the outstanding work which the students did over the course of their time in the Sixth Form; a quarter of entries being awarded an A*, and 84% A*-B. Well done!


The incredible range of subjects that our girls are choosing to study at university is testament to the wonderful diversity of skills and interests at NHEHS. Girls are going on to read courses as diverse as Modern Languages at Cambridge, Veterinary Sciences at Bristol, Physics at Oxford, English Literature at the University of Edinburgh, and Law at the University of Nottingham.  21 students are going onto to read courses related to STEM.  We are delighted for the girls, and look forward to following their progress in the years ahead.

The process for the awarding of grades, not least government changes as late as Tuesday evening, has created much uncertainty.  A process which relies on statistical modelling to produce grades cannot be certain to give all girls the grades which reward their efforts.   While the significant majority of girls have secured places at their chosen universities, we are working hard to help some individuals affected by these circumstances. 

We will also be working in the days ahead to tackle through the appeals process subject areas where we have concerns about the outcome of the grading process.

Above all though, we are impressed by the tenacity and assurance with which girls have responded to the unexpected and prolonged challenges which have arisen this year, supported and encouraged by their teachers. We have every confidence in their ability to negotiate any challenge they might meet!



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