Covid Might Try To Stop The Orchestra But Can’t Stop The Music

Due to the Covid restrictions of not mixing year group bubbles and social distancing, we have not been able to hold our usual orchestra sessions at school this term. However, Year 11’s Alice wanted to make up for this and decided to set up a new Year 11 Ensemble group in its place. Alice told us why she felt strongly about initiating the new group despite being very busy with her GCSEs. 

What did you miss about playing in the orchestra so much?

Alice: The feeling of playing in an ensemble with other people is such a unique experience, and one that I really missed over lockdown. The authenticity of live music really can’t be fully recreated over the internet, so it was so lovely to be able to play with people again.

When did you get the idea to set up your own group?

Alice: When we realised that Symphony Orchestra probably wasn’t going to be able to run this term, I realised that that gave me at least one extra hour a week! I have always loved playing in Symphony Orchestra, so we thought it would be amazing to be able to keep something like that going, as a break from our studies.

How did you go about it? 

Alice: A small group of us had been discussing it for a while, so we just had to ask a few more people to get a range of instruments. I then asked Mrs Sheard, and she worked her incredible magic and we now have Nina Robertson coaching us too. 

How has it helped in the run up to the mocks?

Alice: I think it’s really important to have a break from studying, and music is such a great way to do that, as its still stimulating, but not in ‘study’ way. It’s a really nice thing to do on a Wednesday morning, especially at such a busy time.

Will you be carrying on next term?

 Alice: Absolutely, COVID restrictions allowing! Fingers crossed…


Listen to the Ensemble playing just before they left for their mocks’ study leave:

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