Curious Maths

Year 10 spent a morning at the intriguingly named “Curious Coincidence of Maths in the Day-Time”, a series of lectures and presentations from Maths Inspiration based on the novel and play of a very similar name by Mark Haddon.

There was a session by Rob Eastaway on logical deductions and Hannah Fry discussed a foolproof method for getting out of a maze. Then Ben Sparks spoke about the different outcomes you can get from a given mathematical model if your initial values are changed. This involved our own Pandora and Amrita taking their trusty calculators onto the stage to help generate some results.

The second half of the show involved an excerpt from the play ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time’ in which Christopher, the main character, talked about how he solved an A level maths problem in a somewhat more energetic way than we see in a classroom! This was followed by Matt Parker talking about the staging of the show, the engineering behind the set design, the use of scale models and some very eye catching lighting effects. 

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