Diplomacy & Debating at Model United Nations

By Zahra Mahmood, Year 12

On May 13th, Year 12 participated in the 2021 MUN (Model United Nations), where they were able to develop their speaking skills and research global issues in different countries. There were three global questions debated including: the question of forcibly removing immigrants due to overcrowding in the political committee, the question of banning the death penalty in all UN nations in the human rights committee and the question that all countries should have free, universal healthcare in the economic and social committee. The three questions posed allowed all delegates to thoroughly delve into some controversial views and articulate their countries’ stance in an eloquent manner, making for fruitful and engaging debate in each committee room. Some highlights of the afternoon included the Points of Information, in which delegates could challenge their opponent countries to come to an international consensus. The resolutions produced by the delegates were not only intellectually challenging but also included some extreme country stances that provoked much conversation. 

The afternoon progressed into the General Assembly where delegates had to come together and form a resolution for the following conundrum: ‘There is a factory in China leaking dye into a river (the source of the Ganges), poisoning the water source of 400 million people. The factory is currently owned by a company based in the USA. How can the delegates solve this problem?’ The resolutions provided were thoughtful and tactical and a catalyst for debate as the delegates decided who should take the blame. Additionally, the note passing between delegates during this time was amusing and provided great fun for countries to come together and sign resolutions.

Overall, the MUN was a huge success, and as the first in person event in a long time, the students were thrilled at the opportunity to speak to one another face-to-face, and think more about the global issues that have arisen in today’s world.


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