Discovering Planet Sixth Form!

By Raima Garodia, Year 10 Journalist Leader

Does anyone else wonder what goes on inside the mysterious planet Sixth Form?

Last month, Year 10 had the opportunity to shadow a sixth form lesson of their choice, to help them decide on their A-level subjects. They then were given a slot based on their choices of what subject to study at A-level and had to sit in a lesson with an assigned mentor to help them. After the shadowed lesson, depending on the timings, the Year 10s either had lunch or break with their mentor in the Sixth Form Centre to get a feel for the atmosphere. This experience took some of us out of our comfort zones, and some thought it was ‘good to understand the advances in work from GCSE to A-level’.

Personally, I found it fun and intriguing (and busy!). After hurriedly scrambling from my previous lesson in the cold and rain, to the undiscovered planet of the Sixth Form Centre, I made it inside the Common Room. Then, getting my things together, desperately half soaked, I found my mentor and together we went to the assigned classroom. I shadowed Psychology, and learned about a range of topics, from sensation and perception to sampling methods within the double period. My experience of shadowing Psychology was fun – I thoroughly enjoyed the lesson and will definitely consider taking it at A-level. Also, I enjoyed bonding with my mentor (who won’t be named) and highly recommend this insightful experience and to explore this interesting unknown planet!

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