Distinctions Awarded to Grade 5-8 Musicians

Following strong performances in previous weeks at the Teatime Concert and Grade 8 and Diploma Recitals, we were delighted to receive news that many of our Senior School girls had been awarded Distinctions in their individual music exams held here at school last week, including these musicians listed below, who achieved Distinctions in their Grades 5-8 exams.

Huge congratulations to: 

Bethan D – Diploma Flute- Distinction

Grace P – Grade 8 Violin- Distinction

Grace K – Grade 8 Violin- Distinction (Trinity)

Shreya G – Grade 8 Violin- Distinction (Trinity)

Olivia D – Grade 7 Singing – Distinction

Flo P – Grade 7 Singing – Distinction

Chloe B – Grade 7 Flute – Distinction

Amelia D – Grade 6 Violin – Distinction (Trinity)

Dunya A – Grade 5 Violin – Distinction

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