Doodles – NHEHS’ Art & Writing Magazine Hits the Press

Our Year 12 English Reps, Alice Rowlands, Jenny Dawson, Isabel Hepburne-Scott, Aliyyah Tahir and Zahra Mahmood are delighted to present the second issue of Doodles magazine!

This is a magazine designed to showcase and celebrate the creative writing and artistic abilities of students throughout the school. We are so excited to carry on from last year’s reps to be able to highlight the skill, passion and hard work of students outside of their English lessons. We were so impressed with the number of submissions we received and the quality of the pieces that it made our selection process very difficult. Given the challenges that the past year has presented, creative writing and art are even more essential outlets for many to channel creativity and express frustrations. It is because of this that many of the pieces are centred around the theme of lockdown, although there is a wide range of ideas featured in this issue. With this edition of the magazine, we hope to give a spotlight to some especially talented students and provide a much needed moment of relaxation and inspiration.


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