Fairtrade Fortnight at NHEHS

Our Year 9 Humanitarian Leads have put together a busy week of initiatives to support Fairtrade Fortnight from February 22-26. 

There are many different ways to get involved, including an ethical quiz and Fairtrade-themed dress up day. An audit of the school is also currently being completed in order to track how aware we all are of Fairtrade and the products we currently purchase. The Year 9 work in this area will result in NHEHS achieving the first of the School Fairtrade awards, ‘the Fairaware award.’

Over the half term break the Year 9 Leads encouraged all students to have a look at their recipe book which contains tasty baked treats using Fairtrade ingredients.  They will be holding a remote Fairtrade baking competition on Tuesday 23rd February for the girls to present either the ‘banana and chocolate loaf’ or the ‘marble cake’ they have made using recipes shared with all students. There will be prizes of Fairtrade chocolate to be presented on our return to school!  

Our Humanitarian Leaders also highlighted the National Fairtrade competition where students are required to complete a piece of artwork, poem, prose or film on their ‘vision for the world they want’ for a chance for their work to be exhibited in the online Youth Exhibition Fairtrade festival. The closing date for this competition is the 1st March. All details can be found on this link.

The Year 9s also recently featured in the weekly student charity newsletter, recommending simple Fairtrade swaps to be considered when doing the weekly shop plus their suggestions for Fairtrade chocolate bars and ethical clothing brands.


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