First Charity Event of the Term

Friday January 31st saw the first charity event fete, led by Year 8.

A month’s worth of planning had gone into the event, starting with the girls choosing their form’s charity and each form deciding which charity to support. 

Working with the Year 10 and 12 Charity Reps, the girls next made contact with the four charities (one per form) in order to generate publicity materials, organised collection buckets and created media interest. The event was then advertised in assembly, with posters put up around the school. There was even a competition between the forms to raise the most money!

Each form was also given a day when they can use the atrium for smaller events such as raffles and bake sales to further help their chosen charities.

On the big day itself, we saw a number of fun activities, including palm reading to raise money for the Mental Health Foundation, a henna tattoos stall for wildlife hospital Tiggywinkles, a virtual reality experience for Crisis, and the ever popular food stall to help the Salvation Army.

The event was a big success. Well done to all involved. 


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