From AI to the NHS – the IEA’s Lectures at NHEHS’ Economics Conference

By Mahi Kapadia and Steph Owen, Economics Reps

On Thursday the 28th  of December, three lecturers from the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) (Kate Andrews, Julian Jessop and Dr Steve Davies) came in to give presentations on topics as diverse as the potential privatisation of the NHS, the future of jobs (robots, artificial intelligence, and jobs as seen from an economist’s point of view) and the importance of infrastructure.  Dr Davies also provided useful careers advice for people interested in not only economics but in the business world.

Students from both Bradfield College and Radnor House were very involved during the conference and seemed to enjoy themselves which was helped by the healthy number of flapjacks on offer! 

Overall the day offered an excellent insight into current affairs and helped us to consider new ways of approaching economics.

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