GDST MandarinTeach-Meet at NHEHS

At NHEHS, we were delighted to host the 2019 GDST Mandarin teach-meet last week for teachers of Mandarin from all over the GDST.

The event kicked off with a keynote speech from our Head of Modern Languages, Mr Piesse and Mrs Zheng, Head of Mandarin.

Our keynote speaker was Mrs Aarons, CEO of Anglo Education UK, who spoke about the importance of Mandarin learning and what has inspired her to set up the Foundation. This was followed with talks delivered by Mrs Zheng and Mr Garvey on how to stimulate independence in Pre-U, looking at writing, exam techniques and use of virtual reality in language learning.

In the afternoon, Mrs Luo and Mrs Tang ran a session on teaching Mandarin in primary school, focusing on the use of games and assessments. The final session focused on how to stimulate independence in Pre-U, with particular emphasis on speaking was delivered by Mrs Li.

The event was very successful l would like to say a big thank you to all teachers from Belvedere Academy, Blackheath High School, Northwood College for Girls, Oxford High School, Portsmouth High School, Royal High School Bath, Sheffield High School for Girls and South Hampstead High School for coming and participating in a busy and inspiring day, and also my colleagues for their support. The NHEHS Mandarin department will continue to act as a learning hub within the GDST, sharing good practice and useful resources to promote excellence in Mandarin teaching.

Mrs Zheng, Head of Mandarin, NHEHS




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