Girls Who Mean Business – NHEHS’ Contribution to Inspiring Females

By Lauren Beale and Freya McNeill, Year 10

Being on the planning team for the Inspiring Females event meant that we saw the complete transformation, from the very first ideas session, to the final event. It was almost overwhelming to walk into Chelsea football stadium to see all our ideas and expectations fulfilled in quite a spectacular fashion. From the detailed Inspiring Females merchandise in our gift bags, to the meticulously chosen speakers that were all arriving, everything looked very professional. It showed, we suppose, that we were girls who meant business.

On reflection, although the decoration and location of the event did play a big part in the overall effect, what we think really made the day special for me was the strength and passion we saw in all the speakers. They were all so accomplished, eloquent and confident! Their speeches left us feeling empowered and filled with a desire to take control of our futures.

Being lucky enough be chosen to go to such a transformative event, we did not know what to expect. Arriving at the football ground, in our colourful attire, we were ready to fully experience the day and everything it had to offer. We were grateful for the opportunity to listen to such a diverse range of speakers from the first female company sergeant major at Sandhurst to the founder and director of ‘The Book Midwife’ (a company created to help authors with the creative writing process) with each talk leaving us curious and eager to learn more.   

Overall the Inspiring Females Summit was incredible! We had such a terrific experience as we were surrounded by the community spirit of GDST girls as well as being able to attend the Dads and Daughters event. The sense of ambition and achievement was something that was echoed throughout the event, which is something we took from the summit, as with drive and genuine fascination you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

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