Half Term Ski Trip to Spain

By Addy Moody-Stuart, 8T

On the 19th February, 59 of us set off to Barcelona to enjoy a week of fun-filled, exciting skiing at La Molina. We arrived at the hotel and instantly wanted to sink into our beds. But supper was being prepared and were all starving hungry and in need of a good night’s sleep after a crazy day travelling. After supper we were shown to our rooms and were eager to get straight into bed. We were informed that we would have to get up bright and early the next morning to get our equipment fitted. So with that in mind, we went straight to sleep.

The days to come were eventful. They consisted of frantic frenzies of desperately trying to squeeze on boots that would soon have to be refitted anyway and the clatter of skis and ski poles being intricately fitted to our exact height and size. But it was all worth it.

Once we got out onto the soft, snow covered slopes, our breath was instantly snatched away from us as we took in the stunning mountains that illuminated beauty every which way we looked. After three or so hours of magnificent skiing, lunch raced around the corner. Greeting us with a large variety of delicious food that we appreciated greatly after such an intense but worthwhile morning. After a just as good, maybe even better afternoon of more skiing, we were grateful for the couple of hours of down time before a fun activity that we were given. In that time we told each other hilarious anecdotes from the day’s excitement, the wipeouts and woes that were so heroically suffered, even the ski passes and room keys that the teachers had to trudge around renewing and replacing. Yes we felt guilty, but we couldn’t suppress the violent laughs that escaped us whenever we pictured the teachers hopelessly searching and researching our rooms for the tiniest ski pass that we would probably end up losing the next day anyway. The teachers probably burned more calories walking two miles up the road four times a day than actually skiing!

The activities that were scheduled were just the cherry on top of the fantastic holiday that we got to enjoy.

The shopping trip was on Monday. Which was greatly appreciated because it wasn’t a proper ski trip without our secret stash of hot chocolate and sweets. We had practically moved in by the time we had unpacked the endless amounts of chocolate digestives and Layze crisps, so we almost dreaded packing it all up again when it was time to go.

Pizza night followed on Tuesday. We got dressed up in our finest outfits (some of which consisted of trackies and hoodies) and wandered up to a delightful restaurant to eat a range of delicious pizzas concluded with a mouth-watering Conetto that we all squeezed into our pizza filled bellies. We ice-skated on Wednesday. We fell. We slipped. But we weren’t surprised as the falls came naturally to us having just done a full day of non-stop wipeouts. Bowling was an entertaining affair. Most of us almost yanking our already tired arms off trying to lob colourful balls at a target we all knew we were going to miss. But we fully congratulate the winning bowler of the evening. To complete such a challenging task, is something you should, undoubtedly, be proud of! 

The week concluded with Years 8,9 s and 10s drained of all their energy but thrilled about our experiences.  A week that we would never forget. Although we were sad to leave the hotel that had given us so many fantastic memories we were eager to see our parents once again and share our exciting stories.


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