Hannah’s 800 Letters to Ealing Hospital

A box of 800 letters of gratitude written across the school – some from our youngest girls – were delivered yesterday to Ealing Hospital.

This was the initiative of Hannah Safi in Year 12 who, after reading an article in the news about a spike in depression rates and anxiety among health care workers, wanted to do something to show just how much all the hard work the NHS is doing, is hugely appreciated by our community.

After speaking to Miss O’Connor, Hannah managed to get the whole school involved with letters written from girls from both our junior and senior schools (see below).

The box of letters was delivered yesterday in festive hats by Hannah and Mr Shoults outside Ealing Hospital where they were received by Cardiology consultant, Dr Singh and Deputy Chief Nurse, Ms Adcock.

They will be quarantined for 72 hours before being distributed to staff across the hospital – all in time for Christmas.



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