Communication with Parents

We are a happy and welcoming community of pupils, parents and staff, working together to provide an environment in which your daughter can learn, feel secure, and be herself.  

Our ‘open door’ policy means that whatever your concerns, no matter how big or small, you can come and talk to us at any time and we are always happy to listen.  Many small items of information can be dealt with via an informal word with your daughter’s form teacher at drop-off or pick-up time but appointments to see the Head or other staff are easily made.

 At the beginning of each term we will send you a Curriculum Statement which tells you what your daughter is going to be studying in the coming weeks.  You will have opportunities to discuss your daughter’s progress at formal parents’ evenings which are held twice a year in the autumn and spring terms and you will receive a written report at the end of each term.

Our Parents’ Information Handbook which is published each year keeps you up to date with the organisation of the school and is particularly useful for working parents who sometimes feel they miss out on the ‘school-gate grapevine’.  Also indispensable is our weekly newsletter  which tells you all about life at school and keeps you up to date on forthcoming events.  Both the Handbook and the weekly newsletter are sent out electronically directly to you via Email through the SchoolComms system and posted on the school’s portal (Firefly).