Junior School Curriculum

All our girls love learning and want to do their very best.  In the Junior School, we follow the National Curriculum, but go well beyond it.  

Our teaching is intended to make learning alive and fun. If you don’t enjoy school that’s a real shame.

Mrs Silvana Silva, Head

We work hard to understand what is most effective in helping each individual girl achieve her personal best and classes are stimulating and fun.  The most able are fully stretched and there are many opportunities for working in groups and learning from each other as well as the teaching staff.

There is a strong focus on developing literacy and numeracy with daily lessons in each subject. We have developed an integrated approach to our curriculum and focus the learning for each term around a theme. In this way girls develop real depth of knowledge and key skills such as research, analysing results and interpreting and presenting information.

We encourage girls to discover what they enjoy and to recognise and celebrate their individual strengths.  Each girl is proud not just of her excellent academic work but also of her musical, artistic and sporting talents.