Homework is a link between school life and the rest of a child’s day.  It provides parents with a window into what their daughters are learning and a chance to be involved.  

We see homework as an essential part of the teaching and learning process.   It helps to reinforce or extend what has already been learned or to prepare girls for whatever they will be learning next.  However, we know they also need time to follow other interests, play and just enjoy being children so we keep it to a sensible level.  We talk to parents at some length about homework, what they can do to help and just how much is expected

Girls in Reception begin with reading every evening.  In Year 1 they will have some spellings to learn at home and girls in Year 2 and above will have regular homework.  This will build up from one piece per week in Year 2 to four nights a week in Year 5 and every night in Year 6. However, homework is only set for 30 minutes per night up to Year 6 as we know girls’ days are busy and we believe they need time to relax and do other things after school.