Transfer to Senior School

When a girl joins us in the Junior School, we expect that she will continue through to the Senior School.

In the Spring term of Year 5, the overwhelming majority of girls receive an unconditional, confirmed offer of a place in Year 7 of the Senior School.

At NHEHS scholarships to the Senior School are awarded via the entrance test which is taken in January of Year 6.  Junior School girls sit the entrance test alongside all the other applicants to the Senior School so that they can be considered for scholarships on an equal footing.

Very occasionally, after discussion with the head of the Junior School, the Head may write to advise parents that a move to the Senior School may not be the right course of action. Discussion will have already taken place between the parents and the Head of Juniors and their daughter’s form teacher. In all cases, our concern is to reach the best decision and choice of senior school for each girl.