Konnie Huq Returns to School with Explosive Book Launch!

NHEHS  alumna Konnie Huq  (1986-1993) returned to school today to share a fun-filled science workshop – ‘Science, Explosions and Scribbling’ – focused around the main character in her book, ‘Cookie!…and the Most Annoying Boy in the World.’

Konnie fondly remembered her time at school: “Notting Hill & Ealing High School has a special place in my heart. I remember doing English in Room 24 and I fondly remember the Science block – which is still there. My English and Science lessons have come full circle now that I’m introducing current students to my new book.” In a similar vein, the lead character in the book, Cookie, also loves big words and loves science. As Konnie said, “Science is super cool. Without science, we would all be troglodytes. Science is the reason the tech all works. That we can fly planes, drive cars and that the floor doesn’t fall down.”

Together, Konnie and over 200 children (Years 3-6 from our Junior School and from Christ the Saviour, C of E Primary School) developed a comic strip focused around the key ingredients to creating a great story, which Konnie illustrated as the pupils came up with the storyline.

This was followed by a brainbusting science quiz which had hands straining to provide answers and an uplifting reading from her book. “Reading books is so mega important” Konnie said. “Books give people empathy, which makes people good and kind and become amazing adults which makes the world a nicer place.”

In an exciting finale, Konnie then chose two students from her enthused audience to demonstrate what happens when mints are mixed with lemonade!

The morning ended on a high with questions for Konnie from all corners of the audience, with many about her record-breaking time presenting Blue Peter, such as how did she get the job as a presenter (Konnie made a video of herself, then had to present a mini programme, including interviewing someone, jumping on a trampoline and completing a craft activity on camera!).

Konnie was also quizzed about the Blue Peter challenges – which was her favourite (using a ‘flying’ jet pack) and which was her scariest (feeding sharks in the ocean). The pupils also asked Konnie about her writing – how does she choose character names (they are often based on a real person), when does she write her books (between school drop off and pick up!),  who is her favourite character in the book (Axel) and which is her favourite part of the book (the ending!). And is she friends with David Walliams? Yes! 

Our thanks to Konnie for enthusing us all with science, writing AND illustrating!

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