Meet ‘Doodles’ – Our Brand New English Language Journals!

By Doodles Editors, Zoe Milionis and Milly Buckroyd

Brush and pen, pictures and words. Both creative writing and art are important outlets for many. It is for this reason we were so enthused by the idea of Doodles – a creative writing journal that fuses the mediums of art and writing. This was an idea put forward by the previous English reps, and we felt that it was far too important to be ignored.

We loved the idea of allowing students to express themselves through their writing and art, and finally gaining some much deserved recognition. With so many political and social issues centered around the rise in technology, it is no wonder that a number of the pieces decided to focus on this, highlighting many relevant topics of the present day. We were blown away by the number of entries that flooded our inboxes, and while the job was rewarding, selecting and extracting parts of people’s work was a near-impossible task. It is with great pleasure that we invite you to dive into dystopias with the prompt, ‘New rules for a future world’, be transported to the orange orchards of Italy, and become a fly on the wall of private conversations. 

We hope that you enjoy this collection as much as we enjoyed making it.

With thanks to: Ms Myatt and the previous English representatives, Sapna Joshi, Deedan Baker, Sophie Buhler, Anika Nuni, and Josephine Flade, for getting this off the ground.



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