Move to Ealing Day

NHEHS celebrated ‘Move to Ealing Day’ last Friday February 7th with a series of events to commemorate the move from the school’s home in Notting Hill (Norland Square) to Ealing.

The original move was announced in Summer 1930 by the then new head, Miss McCaig, at the start of what was to become a twenty year long tenure. The School had its final Christmas celebration in Notting Hill that year before opening completely anew on 20th January 1931 in its new home in Ealing.

First up to mark the occasion was the candle race with our  Year 5 and 6 girls who had to swim lengths of the swimming pool, all while keeping their candles above the water. 

Meanwhile, out on the astro, teams of Year 4-6 girls were taking part in maths relay races.

This year, Move to Ealing Day had the theme of NHEHS’s role in the Suffrage movement. At break, girls told the stories of those who have gone before us, and to whom we owe much gratitude.

After an inspiring and uplifting Move to Ealing Day ceremony in the afternoon, including a rousing rendition of the Notting Hill song, governors, staff and Year 13 tucked into a delicious grand tea.

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