Music Grade 8 and Diploma Concert

Music Grade 8 eveningBy Charlotte Grimwade

On Friday 14th June, the music department held a small recital for any students about to take their Grade 8 or ARSM Diploma exams.Music Grade 8 evening 2

The concert was a great opportunity for girls to practise performing their pieces in the location where they would ultimately take their exam the following week.

The performers included Pandora (violin), Charlotte (flute), Imogen (voice) and Grace (saxophone).

It was an enjoyable experience and allowed the students involved to play through their whole programme or a few selectedMusic Grade 8 evening 4 pieces in a relaxed setting.

The pieces played included Hoedown (Copeland), Syrinx (Debussy), Flow My Tears (Dowland) and even Samba Triste (Rodney Bennett), to mention a few.

Overall, it was a great chance to practise performing and allowed the girls involved to gain confidence prior to their exams this week.


NHEHS Music Grade 8 Recital Evening from NHEHS on Vimeo.


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