“My Favourite Part of this Year” – Year 8 Reflections on their Normandy Residential Trip

mont st michelOn June 26th, 21 Year 8 girls were up bright & early (at school for 4.45 am!) to catch the ferry across to Normandy for their four day residential French language trip. chocolaterie

Given the hot weather, the girls were delighted with the hotel’s location right on the beach & the swimming pool, although that didn’t stop us on Day 2 from climbing to the top of the Mont Saint Michel!

On the last full day we travelled to Bayeux to visit the famous tapestry, a chocolaterie, followed up by the beach, swimming pool and a dance party! There were plenty of opportunities during the trip for the girls to practise their French – asking directions, shopping and particularly as they were tasked with carrying out a survey which involved asking passers-by questions. 

This was our view on the last night at 10.30 pm just outside the hotel – the girls really did not want to leave!

 Here are some of the girls’ reflections:

“I loved going to the beach in the evenings. I feel like we really bonded as a group and would definitely go again!”

 “The trip was great to consolidate our French skills and allow us to gain confidence in our French speaking ability. The activities and places we went to were really fun and really enjoyable.”

“I really enjoyed going to the different small towns in Normandy every day. I found the French trip my favourite part of Year 8 and a good opportunity to test my French.”

 “I thoroughly enjoyed the trip because there was loads of shopping time, I learned a lot about French history. Normandy is a great place for taking pictures too.”

 “I enjoyed going to Normandy a lot. All the places we visited were very beautiful & interesting. We had a lot of free time to shop & eat crêpes and buy souvenirs. The weather was beautiful and the beach was very pretty and relaxing and it was a very laidback trip.”

“The Normandy trip was extremely enjoyable and educational. We had amazing shopping opportunities as well as chances to practise our French speaking. Overall, it was an amazing trip and I would love to go again.”

 “I thoroughly enjoyed the French trip. We never had one minute of boredom in the fun packed trip. We visited many villages that captured the spirit and essence of France. The hotel was better than we would have hoped for on a school trip, set on a stunning beach with beautiful sunsets! I will never forget this trip!”


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