NHEHS Book Amnesty Launch

Kicking off NHEHS Book Week at Monday Assembly, Ms Eastwood announced the launch of our Book Amnesty for Havelock Primary School in Southall.

Explaining how books can truly create a “sense of belonging” but also bring “solace and relief,” Ms Eastwood spoke about the importance of sharing stories for our own development.

To this end, we are hoping to use our love of reading to make a difference to children in our local community. Our Sixth Form English and Charities Representatives visited Havelock Primary School in Southall where many of the pupils speak English as an additional language; here, the importance of reading can be seen first-hand. They have an excellent reading programme there, including Reading Corners, Guided Reading sessions and the Head, Mrs Clare Rees, reads in assembly too, but there are not enough books!

The trip has inspired lots of discussion about the important role that books play in our childhood and we have reminisced about the books that made a difference to us growing up. 

We are asking everyone at NHEHS to rummage through their childhood books to find the books which made a difference to them to donate to the library of Havelock. There will be a table in the ground floor atrium where we will ask the students to deposit their contributions. 

We hope that, with your help, we can turn the books we loved as children into well-loved classics for future generations. 

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