Our Year 10 Journalist Leaders’ Top Exam Tips for Year 7

By Amber Deane-Johns, Sofia Stidham, Li An Tan and Isabel Hepburne-Scott, Year 10 Journalist Leaders

Exam week is coming up soon, and for many of you this will be your first ever exam week.  You may not know where and how to prepare, so this article is meant to help you get an idea of where to start. As year 10s, we have had a lot of experience with summer exams, and so we decided that each of us could share a couple of tips to help you.

  1. Drink a lot of water

 Our brains are estimated to consist of up to 85% water. Not drinking enough can impair your thinking.

  1. Eat lots!

 Having a decent breakfast and making sure you are not hungry will help your concentration. Have some ‘brain food’ like a banana, or even chocolate to keep your spirits up!

  1. Relax

 Sometimes, revision can get overwhelming especially if you have been revising for a long time. Try doing things like meditating and mindful colouring to calm yourself down as well as having a more positive mindset.

  1. Take a break

 Try not to revise for large chunks of time. However tempting it may be, you probably won’t be doing the best revision possible after about an hour, so take regular breaks – maybe go for a walk or have a relaxing bath.

  1. Do active revision

 Things like highlighting your notes or reading your textbook will probably not help you. Instead, do active revision like making mind maps or flashcards, or even testing yourself on quizlet.

  1. No phones

 Keep your phone in a different room to where you’re studying, it can easily distract you and waste a lot of time!

  1. Try and revise with a friendPlaces to revise

 If  you are disciplined about it, revising with a friend can help. If they are revising, then it will encourage you to do the same.

  1. Find a good place to revise 

Where you revise is very important when it comes to productive revision.

According to a small study we conducted at NHEHS on year 10 students, we can see that most people typically revise at home.

However, when asked where they think they would be most productive, only around 6% said that revising at home was best for them, and instead, most people would prefer to work in a library. This is because it is so much more convenient to revise at home than travelling to other places.

Overall, you should try new things to find a place to revise where you won’t be distracted and are able to work productively, not just where it is most convenient.

Then when the exams are over you can look forward to enjoying the summer and the sunshine! 

Good luck!



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