Fundraising News

The Social and Fundraising Committee would like to remind you about a simple and effective way you can help us raise money in support of the Parents’ Guild.  As you know, the funds we raise go towards enhancing the experience our daughters have at NHEHS by helping to provide additional equipment or facilities.

Easyfundraising is a website where you can shop online directly with over 3000 retailers and at the same time (and at no extra cost) generate a donation for the school. While the value of the donation will depend on the items purchased and individual retailers, it can be up to 15% of the value of the purchase. These donations are then also eligible for Gift Aid.

Your purchases with the retailer will still be through their secure payment pages, the price remains the same, details of your purchases remain confidential and you can even participate anonymously should you wish.

It an efficient, low impact way for us all to raise additional funds and many NHEHS parents are already supporting the Parents’ Guild by shopping this way.  

Registering is quick and easy. Further general information is available, including a list of retailers on the easyfundraising website which you can visit via our registration page 

Recently Purchased

The funds raised by social events and other initiatives goes towards buying extra equipment for the school. Some of the items purchased for the school by the Parents’ Guild recently include:

Junior School

Featured 90Cooker, fridge-freezer, 12 portable hobs and range of kitchen utensils for use in teaching the integrated curriculum throughout the school. For example Year 4 prepare a Roman feast when learning more about the Romans and Reception start the school year by learning diagraphs in Literacy and find the ‘ch’ diagraph very exciting because they make chocolate chippie cookies.

Trombones and trumpets for the Junior School music department
Benches and table for playground


Senior School

Featured 92Robotics kit and KANO kit for use by Computing, IT and Design Technology Departments in building robots, computers and teaching coding. Sparkview Site Licence, Sparklink Air Interface, Pasport motion and force sensors for the science departments. These are the  newest generation of computer-based sensors and analysis software allowing students to measure quantities such as force, position, speed, temperature, and voltage with greater
precision and efficiency and display the data on a live graph as soon as it is collected.


Featured 93Mannequins, female moulded head with neck, display body for the Art Department .

They are being used for displays, to mould a plaster head and have even featured as a time traveller in a GCSE project.




Featured 91ECG sensor, data logger and heart rate and wave form sensor for the Psychology Department to allow our sixth form psychology students to conduct practical experiments on how the body reacts to minor stressors and to further investigate the link between our mind and the body’s reactions. 

Display posters for teaching in the History and Politics Departments 

2 guitars for the common room