Pi Day at NHEHS

With Pi Day (March 14th) falling this year on the weekend, we celebrated Pi Day on Monday with some fun lunchtime activities in the atrium!

First up was the annual Pi Recital.

Would last year’s winner, Cleopatra, manage to retain her title? Having managed an amazing 171 digits last year, Cleopatra went one better and did it to 199! Watch her in action here. Well done to Year 7’s Rahel and Year 8’s Aggy for sterling performances too!

We also estimated a value of Pi using the Monte Carlo method – generating a large number of random points by dropping counters from the atrium & seeing how many fell in the circle enclosed by the unit square.  Watch our video here. Our estimate came out at 3.39 – not bad! 

And we got to surprise some unsuspecting Year 7s who wondered what all the flying counters were all about! 

Finally, our Maths Reps encouraged everyone to put together a Pi-per chain! 

Thanks to Mrs Drummond and the Reps for livening up the atrium with maths! 

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