Pi Day

On 14th of March, or 3.14 in the US, and so otherwise known as Pi day, we endeavoured to calculate pi in two different ways as well as holding a pi recital competition.

First we used the equation for the time period of pendulum swing to calculate pi.  This involved Miss Croft dangling a weight from the second floor atrium and two helpers timing.  Next up was the pi recital competition, which revealed some impressive memory skills, where Li An from Year 8 came out on top with a fantastic 109 decimal places of pi.

The pi-nnacle of the pi day celebrations was when we tried to calculate pi using real pies. We did this by making a circle out of pies with a diameter of pies and dividing the number of pies in the circumference by the number of pies in the diameter. Pi came out to be a reasonably accurate 3.114, which we were very pleased with, and the spectators were equally pleased with the fact that they could now eat the pies used in the calculation.

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