PRE Trip

As part of their work for GCSE on different faiths Year 11 PRE Students visited the Jewish Museum at Camden Town followed by an Orthodox Synagogue at Marble Arch. At the museum students had the opportunity to take part in different activities regarding Jewish festivals and practices. It was an excellent opportunity for them to consolidate their existing knowledge as well as obtain a new understanding of the beliefs and celebrations within the Jewish faith. There were many interesting artefacts to discover in the gallery and the festivals workshop covered the different varieties of the Shabbat celebrations. The students particularly enjoyed tasting the challah bread and grape juice as well as having a go at getting a note out of the shofar horn with some students demonstrating real talent!

At the Synagogue the Rabbi was very welcoming and pointed out the key features within the building. It was a great opportunity to see the Torah scrolls inside the Ark and we were fortunate that the Rabbi also removed one and read and sang in Hebrew to show how it would be used during a service. The students confidently asked many pertinent and sometimes challenging questions which will all be extremely useful in clarifying their understanding of the Jewish faith.

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