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What do Andy Warhol’s strangest birthday party, the boy who tripped and damaged a valuable painting in a Taiwanese museum and Damien Hirst in the Great British Bake off have in common?  Not sure?  Well NHEHS sixthformer Arabella Hull,  an enthusiastic writer on art and art history, can supply the answer.

One of her recent pieces an art- themed satire piece about Andy Warhol was picked up and published by FLUX an independent style and culture magazine distributed across the UK and beyond. She has since contributed another piece on the 12 year old Taiwanese boy who punched a hole in the. painting ‘Flowers’ (worth. $1.5 million) by Baroque artist Paolo Porpora, and another on what it might be like if Damien Hirst graced our screens for Celebrity Great British Bake Off.

If you’d like to read her articles you can see them here in the online version of the magazine:

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