Years 10 and 11

Girls in Year 10 and 11 typically study 9 or 10 subjects at GCSE. All study the core subjects: English Literature, English Language, Mathematics, and the separate Sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) leading to either a Double or Triple Science award.

In addition, girls also take at least one modern foreign language (many take two) and three other GCSE options from Mandarin, Spanish, French, German, Latin, History, Geography, Religious Studies, Art, Drama, Music, Computer Science and Design and Technology. Students who are very able linguists, can also opt to study Classical Greek GCSE as an extra subject.

Girls are prepared for the IGCSE award in Mathematics, all 3 sciences, English Language, English Literature, History, French, German and Spanish as these bring out the best in our bright girls and provide them with a rigorous preparation for A level.

Visits, lectures and activities linked to the curriculum bring subjects to life and offer students opportunities to formulate their own ideas and begin to investigate the possibilities and boundaries of the subjects that interest them. Throughout Years 10 and 11 there are timetabled lessons in PE and sport and the non-examined PSHCEE programme continues. This deals with issues relating to religion and morality, careers and health education. In Year 11 there is a weekly Ethics lesson and a lecture programme which together provide girls with the opportunity to explore areas of contemporary public debate.