Careers & Universities

At NHEHS we acknowledge that this generation of students will work for longer and experience patterns of employment and education that are much more varied than even the portfolio careers of those now in their twenties and thirties, let alone those of their parents.

Therefore, careers education at NHEHS takes place throughout a girl’s time in the Senior School and, to prepare them for the demands of such working lives, we organise a programme which will encourage:

  • Self-reliance
  • Soft skills (team working, oral communication, leadership)
  • Problem solving
  • Flexibility
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Preparedness to volunteer

In lower years, the programme is embedded in the pastoral curriculum and as girls get older a series of stand-alone events are provided which develop skills and understanding at key points in their education. All students at NHEHS are enrolled in the Inspiring Futures Futurewise programme from Year 10 onwards and this provides additional professional support from an outside agency with a long track record of successful guidance for students in the independent sector. Membership of this scheme also entitles students access to guidance up to the age of 23. 

In the summer after GCSEs all girls are expected to take part in a work experience programme.

University Choices

The formal university choices programme begins in Year 10 with girls making visits to Oxford, Cambridge or another top university to listen to an Admissions Tutor, ask questions and to meet some NHEHS Old Girls studying there who are able to answer their questions on university life.

Girls choosing their A Levels in Year 11 are given plenty of individual help and guidance so that they make the right choices to support any future career plans. Once in the sixth form the Head of Careers works closely with the Head of Sixth Form and Sixth Form tutors to guide and advise them when they are making university choices. They are also supplied with a wealth of information and advice on work experience and shadowing, student finance, gap years and specific careers.


A unique resource which enhances Careers Education at NHEHS is the support of the Parents’ Guild Careers Committee who organise the Annual Careers Convention in February. Parents and ‘Old Girls’ provide information on  careers to all students from Years 9-13. This event gives our students access to first hand experience and a head start in career planning, encouraging them to network and seek out possibilities for work shadowing or work experience.

A special range of events are offered to our sixthformers who are able to call on the expertise of our own Old Girls Association and the membership of the GDST Alumnae Network (which includes over 60,000 former pupils willing to give individual or advice.)  The GDST also offers opportunities to learn about the corporate world and build links for potential graduate opportunities through conferences, workshops, competitions and schemes run in conjunction with global employers.