At the heart of any study in chemistry is practical work and at NHEHS an emphasis is placed upon the development of practical skills, whilst theoretical work builds strong foundations of study. Lessons are intellectually stimulating; students are encouraged to think logically and analytically and make links between different areas of the curriculum.

Chemistry is necessarily an experimental science: its conclusions are drawn from data, and its principles supported by evidence from facts.

Michael Faraday.

Chemistry at Notting Hill and Ealing High School is delivered by an enthusiastic team of subject specialists in an extremely well-resourced department. It is taught as a separate science from Year 7, where students regularly observe engaging and exciting demonstrations that bring the subject to life and make for a memorable learning experience. Key theoretical concepts such as the reactions of acids and states of matter are taught alongside an introduction to experimental chemistry.

The Edexcel IGCSE curriculum in Chemistry is followed from Year 9. Here, students have the opportunity to cover topics such as redox chemistry and organic chemistry.

Chemistry is a popular choice in the Sixth Form with students following the AQA  A Level Chemistry specification. Throughout the course students will cover a range of key chemical concepts: physical, inorganic and organic chemistry as well as modern analytical techniques. An A Level in chemistry prepares students for entry into degree courses such as medicine, dentistry and veterinary science.  However, chemistry is not just for aspiring medics.  It is highly recommended for some engineering courses and is very useful for a wide range of degrees including Archaeology, Geography, Oceanography, Ecology and Environmental Studies.

All our students are encouraged and supported to extend themselves beyond the confines of the curriculum and we regularly have students taking part in regional or national competitions such as the annual Royal Society of Chemistry UK Olympiad and Top of the Bench competition. In addition the Department runs a range of clubs and activities for all year groups and is a key supporter of whole school events such as Science Week. Four Year 8 girls have the opportunity to attend the Salters Festival of Chemistry each year and this sees girls taking part of all sorts of fun experiments held at a University lab each year. In 2018, we took four girls to Imperial and in 2019 we took four girls to London Met.