Drama & Theatre

The Drama Department is central to cultural life here at NHEHS and drama is taught as part of the curriculum in Years 7, 8 and 9 as well as being offered at GCSE and A Level.

Imagining what it is like to be someone other than yourself is at the core of our humanity. It is the essence of compassion, and it is the beginning of morality.

Ian McEwan 

Drama is an art form, a practical activity and an intellectual discipline; it involves imagination and feelings and helps pupils to make sense of the world. We do this through the creation of imagined characters and situations, and the relationships and events that they encounter. All girls will engage with three broad areas:

Making: this encompasses the many processes and activities employed when exploring, devising, shaping and interpreting drama.
Performing: this covers the skills and knowledge displayed when enacting, presenting and producing dramas, including the use of theatre technology.
Responding: incorporates reflecting on both emotional and intellectual reactions to the drama. This reflection is deepened as pupils gain a knowledge and understanding of how drama is created.

These three areas are taught through:

  •  a broad range of stimuli, including artefacts, literature, non-fiction and non-literary texts such as photographs and video clips
  • working in groups of varying size and as a class
  • performing to a range of audiences
  • a range of genres and styles, plays and the history of theatre via different media
  • seeing a variety of live and recorded performances from different times and cultures
  • using ICT to explore and record ideas, research themes and enhance their production work

Human concerns and relationships are fundamental to the work we do; drama lessons provide a safe context to explore many issues.  Whatever a girl’s age, lessons involve pupils working creatively together and problem solving in groups of various sizes. The emphasis is on flexibility, empathy and risk-taking and we aim for the studio at NHEHS to be a safe place where girls can explore ideas collaboratively. At GCSE and A Level this is done via an increasing emphasis on the work of theatre practitioners enabling students to contextualise cultural trends and identify and evaluate style and convention.

Girls at NHEHS are innovative and experimental in their approach to drama, producing work of exceptional quality. 

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