Library & Archives

The library at Notting Hill is a friendly, welcoming place which is available to everyone in the school community. A full-time Chartered Librarian is on hand to provide support and guidance for staff and girls whether they are looking for a good book to read, information for an EPQ project or resources to help with lesson planning.

The library has two zones – an area for reading, relaxing or collaborative working and a ‘Silent Zone’ for those who want a quiet place to study. The library is well patronised by the sixth form who come to do research or study during the school day while girls from other Years use it during breaks and after school to work on assignments or do homework.

The library contributes to the educational goals of the school by providing a range of resources to support the curriculum and encourage girls to expand their subject knowledge. It also plays an important role in helping them to develop their research skills and become independent learners.

Laptops are available for girls to use in the library so that they can access the internet, use the variety of online resources to which the school subscribes and do their work.

Reading for pleasure is promoted through the provision of a good collection of modern and classical fiction. Girls are encouraged to get involved in book selection by making suggestions of books to buy. The library also supports the English Department when it is shadowing the Carnegie Prize or running author events and workshops.

Helping in the library is a popular choice for girls doing voluntary service for their Duke of Edinburgh Award. They carry out a variety of tasks and make a valuable contribution to the service the library offers the school.

The Archives

Notting Hill has a long and proud history dating back to 1873, and is fortunate in having a large collection of photographs and other items in the archives which reflect this. This collection is constantly being added to and developed.

Regular displays are created to promote the archives to staff and girls and make them aware of some of the notable events which have taken place and interesting people who have attended the school – such as William Morris’ daughters and the Churchill girls. These displays also provide an opportunity to show off some of the treasures in the archives.

Teaching staff are regularly reminded about items and events from the school’s past which link to the curriculum and are encouraged to consider incorporating archive material into some of their lessons.

The archive is frequently approached by family historians wanting to find out about Old Girls and has also recently been asked to provide information for researchers from overseas universities, the Medical Research Council and the Welsh TV station S4C.

Great emphasis is placed on caring for our archive treasures and on improving access to them. To this end the school magazine and some of our photographs are now available on line. This is an ongoing project which will help to make the resources more accessible and facilitate their safe-keeping.

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