Modern Languages

For our students, global communication is a normal part of modern life. Being able to speak another language is important for commercial and social reasons, but true communication comes from an understanding of the culture, history and context that informs a language.  Language learning provides such knowledge and also develops life-long skills; ones that we aim to promote through excellence in language teaching and learning.

At NHEHS all girls study Mandarin in Year 7 and 8 and choose another modern language from French, Spanish or German.

At the end of Year 8 they  decide whether to continue with Mandarin for Year 9 or to drop it and to take a second modern language from French, Spanish or German instead.

French, German, Spanish and Mandarin are all available at both GCSE and A Level.  Most girls take two modern foreign languages at GCSE (some take three),  all languages have thriving groups at A Level and many of our A Level students go on to  study a Modern Foreign Language at degree level  

All foreign languages at NHEHS are taught by graduate language specialists supported by a team of dedicated mother-tongue language assistants.  

More about languages at NHEHS and the NHEHS “World Languages Pathway”